Molly May Hague “signs new 7-digit beauty contract” following “Tone Def” comment

Molly May The Hague She reportedly signed a new “7-digit cosmetology contract” following controversial comments about her work and claiming that “everyone is the same 24 hours a day.”

former Love island Stars and social media stars are reportedly now millions of millionaires after signing a major New Deal with Beauty Works.

22 year old I recently switched her hairstyle, Signed a contract with the company shortly after finishing second at the ITV2 Reality Date Show in 2019.

Stars who have worked with them since then are now being robbed for even more lucrative deals, according to sources.

Molly May The Hague is reported to have signed a seven-digit contract with BeautyWorks.

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Talking about the latest career developments for Pretty Little Thing’s creative director, sources said. Sun Online : “BeautyWorks Molly’s range was a bestseller, so she had a contract with them until the winter of 2022.

“This deal is worth seven digits,” sources claimed.

In addition, insiders reportedly told MailOnline that Molly May was excited to continue working with the brand and “loved” it.

“Molly loves working with BeautyWorks, and the recently launched new color, Molly May, has become the brand’s best-selling blonde extension color.

Former workers of Pretty Little Thing "anger" In Molly May Hague's comment on her success
Former Pretty Little Thing worker is “angry” at comments on Molly May Hague’s success

“In 2022 they want to sell out the other hair extensions it has on the market.

“The collaboration between BeautyWorks and Molly-Mae continues to grow,” sources added.

understood! I contacted the representative of Molly May for comment.

Molly May apologized for some of her comments on the recent CEO podcast diary after a fierce opposition to the idea of ​​work ethic.

She made a statement about the Instagram story, stating:

Molly May has been criticized in a recent comment on a podcast interview
Molly May has been criticized in a recent comment on a podcast interview

“When I say or post something online, it’s never malicious or malicious. I fully understand that things can affect different people in different ways. But I would like to emphasize that I never intend to hurt or upset anyone by saying. “

“I apologize to those who have been negatively affected, or who misunderstand what I said in the podcast,” continued Star. “The only intention of the podcast was to tell my story and inspire me from my experience.”

A millionaire who lives with boxer Tommy Fury, a Love Island beauty in the Manchester area, added, “Love for everyone, always x.”

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Molly May Hague "signs new 7-digit beauty contract" following "Tone Def" comment

Source link Molly May Hague "signs new 7-digit beauty contract" following "Tone Def" comment

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