Molly May Hague says anxiety worsened as she deleted her social media account

Molly May The Hague She revealed that she had removed Twitter from her cell phone and plans to permanently remove her account in the near future.

Molly, 22, who discussed the issue in her latest YouTube video, recently talked about how she suffers from terrible anxiety and feels a little better after leaving Twitter.

Molly explains to 1.62 million YouTube subscribers: It was a week.

“I’m trying to get away from social media and I’ve actually deleted Twitter. I’ve removed the app and it feels better than ever.”

Molly said in a frank YouTube video that she was in “the confluence of tears”

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“I think Twitter is the most toxic and scary platform I’ve ever had since I entered this new life, now and in the last few years, and everything has changed.”

“I think we might delete the entire account in a few days,” Molly continued.

“I’m so sad because I love it, but it doesn’t do anything to me. It doesn’t do anything to Tommy, especially at the moment, it’s not a good platform.”

Later, the 22-year-old said she is now “experiencing the most difficult times.” [her] life”.

“I’ve been working on emotions I’ve never experienced before,” Molly said.

Molly reveals that she plans to permanently delete her Twitter account

Molly May The Hague and Tommy Fury

She continued. “I’ve been in a big fight with the anxiety I mentioned in the Let’s Talk video lately, and now it seems to be getting worse every day. “

“I’ve never really dealt with it before,” added Pretty Little Thing’s creative director.

She also said things have “spiraled down” since Tommy, who was also 22 years old, moved home.

The two met on Love Island and were forced to leave the Manchester-based Penthouse. Goods worth £ 800,000 stolen from home.

Molly and Tommy were robbed while in London for her Beauty Works launch party.

Molly and Tommy Celebrating the launch of her Beauty Works Moved since the night of the robbery, October 21st, and after feeling dangerous in their apartment.

To date, it is believed that arrests have not yet taken place.

Molly later talked about robbery in a frank video She described the trial as “terrible.”

She said at the time: “Basically, Tommy and I were robbed a few weeks ago. It was arguably the worst thing that has ever happened.

Molly talked about robbery in a frank video

“And it was just terrible, scary, terrible, so we’ve dealt with a lot.

“Our apartment has been robbed, looted and emptied, you name it.”

“I think you’ve read, but basically what they said in the article was true, they took everything and we were left with a lot,” Molly continued. ..

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Molly May Hague says anxiety worsened as she deleted her social media account

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