Molly May Hague labeled “Margaret Thatcher and a fake tan” in the backlash of “Tone Def” comments.

Molly May The Hague Appearing on the podcast has offended some fans of fashion influencers.

The Love island Star, 22, made some controversial comments about social mobility, which many have criticized since then.

Molly May spoke with Dragon’s Den businessman Steven Bartlett in the podcast “CEO’s Diary” last December.

Later, a clip of the interview became a hot topic on Thursday, and in this segment Molly May said:

Molly-Mae talked about his life in The Diary of ACEO podcast last December.

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Molly-Mae spoke on a podcast as the creative director of retailer PrettyLittleThing. The deal reportedly brought the star a seven-digit deal. When the agreement was announced last August.

During the episode, the creative director continued: “When I talked about it in the past, I was a little criticized. People said,” It’s easy to say that because you’re not growing up in poverty. You sit there and we all have a day. It’s not correct to say that it’s the same for 24 hours. “But technically, what I’m saying is correct. We do so. “

Reality star, People who spent New Year’s Day in New York With a 22 year old boyfriend Tommy Fury, Addition:’We all understand that we all have different backgrounds, grew up in different ways, and have different economic conditions, but if you need something enough, do it. I think it can be achieved. “

Molly May said we were all the same 24 hours a day
Love Island star comments resurfaced this week and became viral

“It depends on the length you want to go to get to where you want to be in the future, and I go to any length,” she explained.

After that, the 2019 Love Island contestants declared:

Her statement was shared on Twitter by @tsrbys under the comments: “If you are homeless, just buy a house.”

The short video was highly rated nearly 30,000 times, and the followers responded to the interview, causing anger and criticism online.

Some agreed with her idea, but many said she couldn’t understand the privileged background from which she came from compared to others who had to double their efforts. I blamed her.

One of the tweets quoting the viral clip states that “we should have put a fake tanned Margaret Thatcher Molly May on the 2022 Bingo card.”

Molly May was keen to assure fans that there was no engagement in New York
“Everyone is the same 24 hours a day,” said a fashion businessman.

One user tweeted. “She literally appeared on a TV dating show and won a deal with the brand. I don’t know if she” worked here. ” “

Another reason: “Her immaturity is manifesting. If you come from a privileged place, you need to work harder to educate yourself about the difficulties of others.”

Molly May, a regular video blogger, hasn’t responded publicly to the viral video on Thursday.

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Molly May Hague labeled "Margaret Thatcher and a fake tan" in the backlash of "Tone Def" comments.

Source link Molly May Hague labeled "Margaret Thatcher and a fake tan" in the backlash of "Tone Def" comments.

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