Molly May Hague has accused £ 20,000 of recruiting job ads after commenting on “Tone Def.”

Molly May The Hague After her fake tanning brand Filter by Molly-Mae posted a classified ad, it was on fire again. Following her “Tone Hearing Loss Comments” about her success.

Love island Star Molly May’s company posted an ad recruiting “enthusiastic” social media content creators to work full-time for her brand.

The ad, which states that the positions are temporarily separated, states: “We are looking for an enthusiastic social media executive who will play a fundamental role in the day-to-day management of the rapidly growing and prosperous tan brand social channels.

“Daily activities as a member of the brand team include the creation and execution of social media strategies and content aimed at driving the growth of each platform and helping drive traffic to the site.

Molly-Mae Hague was attacked again after her company, Filter by Molly-Mae, posted a job ad for a social media content creator.

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“Successful candidates are responsible for managing the brand’s social media accounts on a daily basis and providing content creation.”

Molly-Mae recently fired after her “bad” comment about her success in the CEO’s diary, a business podcast.

She states: “When I talked about it in the past, I was a little criticized. People say, and it’s not correct to say that we are all the same 24 hours a day.”

“But technically, what I’m saying is correct. We do.”

Love Island star Molly May's company reportedly provided successful candidates £ 16,845 to £ 25,000 annually.
Love Island star Molly May’s company reportedly provided successful candidates £ 16,845 to £ 25,000 annually.

And now, Twitter has claimed that the company is offering £ 16,845 to £ 25,000 a year to successful candidates who require a degree and two years of experience, which has shaken the job ads somewhat.

It was later reported that the ad’s salary had increased to £ 20,000, but the wages offered now appear to have been removed from the post.

As one user wrote, ferocious critics used Twitter to share their anger.

Advertising caused further backlash from critics
Advertising caused further backlash from critics

Another addition: “Molly May has just released her job as a social media content creator for her company. Requires a degree in social media marketing and content creation and at least two years of experience. Nevertheless, they are at least Offers £ 16,845. Paying (less than NMW) U really has to laugh. “

One-third states: “Are @ mollymaehague paying less than a living wage for roles that require degree-level skills and a wealth of experience, despite the same 24-hour sharing?”

understood! I contacted a representative of Molly May for comment.

It will come later Molly May broke the silence After her podcast comments were widely criticized.

Molly May said she didn't intend to hurt anyone after the podcast's comments were repelled.
Molly May said she didn’t intend to hurt anyone after the podcast’s comments were repelled.

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She wrote in an Instagram story: “I wanted to go online as usual today, but before that I wanted to say …

“When I say or post something online, it’s not malicious or malicious. I fully understand that things can affect different people in different ways. But I would like to emphasize that I never intend to hurt or upset anyone by anything.

“I apologize to those who have negatively or misunderstood what I said in the podcast. The podcast’s intention was only to tell my story and inspire me from my own experience. Love for, always x. “”

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Molly May Hague has accused £ 20,000 of recruiting job ads after commenting on "Tone Def."

Source link Molly May Hague has accused £ 20,000 of recruiting job ads after commenting on "Tone Def."

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