Molly May Hague and Tommy Fury can’t smile when going out with Maura Higgins

Molly May The Hague When Tommy Fury I found them going out with a fellow Love Island star, so I cast a gloomy figure Maura Higgins.

It was the first time a 22-year-old Boxer Tommy had been seen since he withdrew from his match against Jake Paul in the United States.

The pair is set to fight on Saturday, December 18, and is becoming a really exhilarating ride for American fans, but sadly Tommy has to withdraw earlier this month after falling down with a bacterial chest infection. It didn’t become.

Star, the younger brother of boxer Tyson Fury, 33, also suffered a broken rib.

Tommy, Molly May (22) and Maura (31) kept their heads bowed as they crossed the Chescher road and did not smile at any point.

Molly May Hague, Tommy Fury and Maura Higgins went out together

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Molly May chose to wear gray leggings, a white sweatshirt, and an oversized sports jacket, so she seemed ready for training.

Underneath, he wore a white hoodie and covered his identity with black sunglasses.

The creative director of Pretty Little Thing went on a trip with a cell phone and a car key in his hand and a quilted Chanel bag.

Meanwhile, Tommy, along with a black Nike trainer, chose to wear a matching gray tracksuit top and bottom and pulled up the hood.

Former Love Island stars cut casual figures when they stepped into Chesher

Tommy and Molly May have been together ever since they met on Love Island

Maura, an Irish presenter and brand ambassador, chose to express her fashion with a black PVC jacket lined with teddy-style fabrics. She teamed up with black leggings and a matching trainer, and teamed up with her best companion, Molly May.

Maura chose a natural yet perfect make-up look and wiped out the bunches of brunette hair into smooth buns. Meanwhile, Molly seemed to have no make-up while concentrating on heading for the car.

It comes as Molly May Recently I noticed her lack of social life, She kept her circle very small and revealed that she had only “five friends”. Maura is one of them.

Tommy and Molly May bowed as they crossed the road together

Instead, the star admitted that she wanted to focus on “making money” instead of social life, and she doesn’t really enjoy drinking alcohol or “going out.”

Molly-Mae describes the CEO podcast’s diary as follows: There are literally about 5 people in my circle, including friends.

“I work, spend time with my boyfriend, and sleep,” she continued. “It’s literally my life.

“I’m not bothered by social life. It’s never been of interest to me,” added a social media influencer.

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Molly May Hague and Tommy Fury can't smile when going out with Maura Higgins

Source link Molly May Hague and Tommy Fury can't smile when going out with Maura Higgins

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