Molly May and Tommy Fury were fascinated by the bargains and blamed

Love island Performer Molly Mayhag And her boyfriend boxer Tommy Fury Faced with a backlash following a discount shopping video.

The beloved pair can be seen shopping at the B & M store in a video shared on Molly-Mae’s (22) Instagram, with her 6.2 million followers. increase.

Pretty Little Thing’s creative director filmed 22-year-old Tommy, looked at all the bargains around him, and captioned the video, “He’s absolutely fascinated.”

You can hear Molly May saying, “I think Tommy enjoys a small trip to home bargains.” She shoots a shopping cart to show that she is actually in the B & M.

The camera pans towards Tommy. Tommy said:

Molly May and Tommy Fury criticize the “charm” of bargain shopping

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“These drinks you get at the gym are here and are 89p. Wait a minute, stop and process it for a moment!”

Molly May can hear the laughter and she replies: To be honest, the B & M trip is one of them. “

Some fans used Twitter to invite them to participate in bargain shopping after “classist remarks.”

One person wrote: “A few weeks after being asked to speak of classism, Molly May’s first IG story, not just photos, is a clip of home bargain / B & M Tommy who was completely shocked at a low price. Is there a PR team that advises on this? “

Molly May shared a video of the bargains they picked up

Another pen: “Something about Molly May and Tommy Fury being at b & m is very interesting to me.”

While one-third said: “Molly May and Tommy Fury shopping at B & M sent me.”

It was after Molly May fired after making a “deaf” comment about her success in the business podcast CEO’s diary.

She states: “When I talked about it in the past, I was a little criticized. People say, and it’s not correct to say that we are all the same 24 hours a day.”

“But technically, what I’m saying is correct. We do.”

Tommy Fury was “fascinated” by the bargains around him

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Molly May broke the silence after the podcast’s comments were widely criticized.

She wrote in the Instagram story: “I wanted to go online as usual today, but before that I wanted to say …

“When I say or post something online, it’s not malicious or malicious. I fully understand that things can affect different people in different ways. But I would like to emphasize that I never intend to hurt or upset anyone by anything.

“I apologize to those who have negatively or misunderstood what I said in the podcast. The podcast’s intention was only to tell my story and inspire me from my own experience. Love for, always x. “”

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Molly May and Tommy Fury were fascinated by the bargains and blamed

Source link Molly May and Tommy Fury were fascinated by the bargains and blamed

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