Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury “move to a safer home” after destroying the robbers

Molly May The Hague When Tommy Fury It is said that he moved to a “high security house” after being attacked by a robber and leaving his previous house.

In October, Molly May and Tommy’s Manchester apartment were attacked while in London. Where the thief escaped with a product worth £ 800,000 ..

As a result of the robbery, they no longer feel safe at home, so Molly May and Tommy were looking for a new permanent resident and what they saw recently. Molly May described them as their “dream house” ..

The creative director of Pretty Little Thing hastily told 1.6 million YouTube subscribers about the property: It has nothing to do with this house until we know more and make further progress. “

Molly May and Tommy are said to have moved to a “safe home”

She continued. “But I don’t know if I would bother to put this in the YouTube room, because I don’t know. Excited, I could literally cry. My flip. I’m not saying anymore because I know luck and it doesn’t pass. “

since then, Sun, The couple are now believed to have moved to a new property. Once owned by a Premier League football player, Chescher’s high-security mansion is located in a dead end behind the gate.

However, it’s unclear if it’s the property Molly May saw the other day.

understood! We are asking Molly May and Tommy representatives for comment.

Molly May made make-up free on her Christmas vlog
Molly May recently said she and Tommy had seen a “dream house”

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In the light of the robbery in October Molly May reveals that she has “continuous misfortune” Since then, everyone has shared her thoughts on the idea of ​​getting a fair share of good and evil.

She explains in a YouTube video:

“I don’t know if it’s unhealthy to think this way, but when a lot of good things happen in life, I’m a little afraid that something bad is right there.

“When a lot of good things happen to me, this is too good for the truth, and something bad is definitely imminent.”

Tommy and Molly-Mae regularly share images and snaps of Manchester apartments.
Tommy and Molly May were robbed in October

Molly-Mae goes on to say: In fact, the last two years of my life have been dreams, so it’s incredible. That’s why I thought about it and broke into the house and rationalized it.

“I thought it was time for me and Tommy to be unlucky, but it was our unlucky. But since then it has been constant. It’s happening one after another, thinking and waking up every day. “Sure, nothing else goes wrong,” I tell Tommy, it’s only from here, things just get better. But things only get worse and it’s very strange. “

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Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury "move to a safer home" after destroying the robbers

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