Mobile-based Sustainability Master’s Start-Up Receives € 3.4 Million Funding Round

An edtech start-up that allows students to obtain a master’s degree completely remotely has received a round of funding 3.4 million euros to fuel their development. The round is led by Mediahuis Ventures, the venture capital firm of the European media group Mediahuis.

The education of tomorrowfounded by serial entrepreneur Christian Rebernik and education expert Dr. Thomas Funkehas created a challenge-based, personalized, mobile-first learning system to give people from anywhere in the world access to obtain the sustainability, entrepreneurship and technology qualification, which is doubly accredited in Europe and the United States.

Other investors in the funding round include Europe’s leading education fund Emerging education and angelic investors Verena Pausder, Celine Flores Willers and Kai Roemmelt.

We have developed a state-of-the-art learning platform that offers a revolutionary approach to education. We believe in learning by doing rather than simply bringing offline learning to an online platform. Our short 7- to 15-minute lessons are designed to enable students to learn while simultaneously making an impact in their personal businesses and careers – Christian Rebernik, co-founder of Tomorrow’s Education

Cédric Cops, Investment Lead Mediahuis Ventures, commented: “The edtech market not only offers interesting prospects and growth opportunities, but also fits into Mediahuis’ mission which is to provide independent news and information, thus making a positive contribution to people. and to society.

“For this reason, we support cutting-edge, high-growth start-ups that are leveraging emerging technologies to reimagine the way people learn and work. Tomorrow’s Education is a very promising player, engaging students in a new type of metaverse learning experience. We believe in his revolutionary approach to education and see the potential for continued growth. “

Tomorrow’s Education has partnered with the WU Executive Academy since 2021, whose Executive MBA program is ranked 34th among business schools globally and is currently in the process of gaining accreditation for its own university, Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences , which is even opening its own metaverse campus.

The university plans to expand its offering to include three distinct degree programs:

  • Degree in Responsible Entrepreneurship
  • BAin Sustainable product management
  • Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Technologies

Accessible via a mobile app, students around the world can embark on a flexible learning experience based on practical real-world challenges. The challenges are designed by impact-oriented industry leaders from top companies such as Tier Mobility, Wandelbots and Share.

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Mobile-based Sustainability Master’s Start-Up Receives € 3.4 Million Funding Round

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