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Mitigate the probability of contamination and assure zero contamination

Sanitary Fittings (pipe fittings and valves) are sterile and easily cleaned piping connections that are installed in processing pipe networks. Like conventional fittings, link parts of pipe systems control fluid flow, but they are majorly designed and manufactured to prevent the trapping, creation, and spread of germs in the system. Sanitary pipe fittings and valves, also referred to as hygienic piping or highly pure pipe, are widely utilized in the biological, medical, food and beverage, cosmetic, dairy, and care products industries. High degrees of sanitation, sterility, and purity are required in these businesses)

Mitigate the probability of contamination and assure zero contamination

a) Sanitary pipe fittings and valves can be used for a number of purposes, such as the following:

  • Facilitate particular vessel connections such as valves.
  • Extend or complete adapters, connectors, sleeves, on a vessel.
  • Used to change a vessel’s direction
  • adjust vessel size such as olets and reducer

Sanitary pipe fittings and valves for hoses allow for immediate and reliable sanitary tubing connections with regulation in a variety of industrial operations. Pipe fittings and valves are classified according to their design, functionality, and manner of connecting. They offer a broad array of uses in pipe construction and operation, with features such as ease of installation, excellent performance, and endurance.

The items are manufactured of the highest quality stainless steel that is highly resistant to corrosion and is long lasting, and come in the following grades: SUS 304L, SUS 304, SUS 316L, and SUS 316. They are simple to clean and built to last.

b) Reduce the frequency and number of parts that need to be replaced.

The sanitary pipe fittings and valves are now more durable, making operations more efficient and easy to maintain. Replacing out fittings and valves for new ones may be done at a faster rate, and you will not have to maintain these pieces in your hoses and pipes as frequently.

c) Industry-recognized sanitation standards

Sanitary pipe fittings and valves have such a reduced abrasion average, which reduces the possibility of miniscule contamination and develops in your machinery’s hoses and pipes. All of our goods are manufactured in strict accordance with 3A hygienic requirements. You can also be provided with a vast choice of sanitary pipe fittings and valves in various production levels if your business wants more than just the fundamental standard.

Before being supplied and installed in Singapore, all sanitary fittings used in service installations, such as pipes, fittings, valves like a gate valve, and so on, are tested to ensure that they meet PUB’s standards and criteria. They are backed up by thorough and accurate testing results.

d) Our pledge to customers

Prior to arriving at your location, all pieces will be thoroughly tested. Components like stainless steel sanitary pipe valves and fittings are rigorously tested for sturdiness and seal reliability, ensuring that you get dependable parts in a single exchange.

Mitigate the probability of contamination and assure zero contamination


You can look through the comprehensive selection of components available for your industrial firm. When you have any specific requests, please contact us and we will be pleased to consider creating custom designs for you. It is our objective to serve consumers by offering high quality products and by collaborating with premier suppliers in order to ensure that we fully comprehend and satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

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