Millions of Pounds Raised for SureCloud-BusinessCloud

SureCloud Secured millions of pounds of venture debt facility..

Based in London Risk management and cybersecurity providers use their money to accelerate expansion plans To the United States And we will build a new direction for the company.

SureCloud Operated for over 15 years, it supports the governance, risk and compliance markets, cyber and risk advisory services of leading companies.

The company operates in multiple sectors, including banking, manufacturing, and government, and is flexible with a focus on user experience, data aggregation, and artificial intelligence to help clients solve risk, compliance, and cybersecurity mysteries. We are implementing a cloud-based solution.

With financial support from now Growth loan specialist BOOST & Co, It says it Based on its recent success, is looking for new ways to shape the industry after 2021.

$ 96 Million Funds to Boost UK Growth in Technology Scale-up

“”SureCloud Over the last five years, it has already shown 40% annual growth, but as the company began to grow, it had to invest heavily in its own growth. “Said Ryan Sorby, Principal BOOST & Co Head of the lender’s Manchester office.

“The team expects to double its US operations and expand its UK customer base over the next few years, but it needs growth funding to support it. this And our investment provides just that. ”

Meanwhile, the company has appointed Caren Havelock in the newly created position chief mmarketing o officer.

Girlfriend Participating from Ping Identity, he has built and led the EMEA marketing team for over four years.

“I’m happy to be able to participate. SureCloud Team on the eve of a crucial chapter in the growth of the company, “She said.

“”We first saw the security challenges that exist in the increasingly complex IT landscape. SureCloud isn’t just about overcoming these challenges for individuals Business, but It has revolutionized the entire industry. “

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SureCloud CEO Richard Hibbert said: BOOST & Co I am with us on this trip.We are confident of that SureCloud Over the next few years, it will have a breakthrough impact on cybersecurity, compliance and risk management outlook. This funding will help support exciting plans for growth and expansion.

“I’m excited to have Caren’s talent in the company. She is confident that she will play a key role in our quest to become a dependable organization for subscription-based integrated risk management and technology-enabled cyber services. I am. “

Millions of Pounds Raised for SureCloud-BusinessCloud

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