Millie Mackintosh meets her daughter Siena, one, baby Aurelia, who shares a sweet moment

Millie Mackintosh Her daughter Siena unveiled a sweet snap of the moment she first met her newborn baby girl Aurelia.

32 years old In November we had a husband Hugo Taylor and a second child, Visited her Instagram story and shared photos while 1.4 million followers were hosting a Q & A session. There, one asked, “How did you introduce Siena to Aurelia?”

The photo shows Millie wearing a brown jumper with a white top underneath. Hugo, 35, you can see it wearing a camouflage-themed jacket.

The pair’s daughter, Siena, can be seen standing next to Millie in a white shirt and pink dress, looking down at the newborn baby girl with white socks.

Millie Mackintosh shared the moment Siena met her newborn Aurelia

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Aurelia appears to sleep soundly in her car seat with a snap while wrapped in a fur-lined jacket.

On this, Millie writes: He came and kissed her, “with a pink heart emoji.

She added, “It’s been one of my favorite moments since I became a parent!”

Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor welcome their second child together
Millie said it was one of her favorite moments

The reality star was then asked if he found it difficult to have two children with his newborn.

Millie shared a snap of Siena posing in a pink robe with one arm wrapped around her sister and replied: Focus on my recovery and establishment of breastfeeding. “

Breastfeeding was a difficult process for Millie early in the day she was talking to fans about how she dealt with everything from reflux disease to vomiting of projectiles.

Millie Mackintosh shared her candid snap of breastfeeding her newborn daughter
Millie shared the struggles of breastfeeding

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Alongside a candid breastfeeding snap, she writes:

“We are currently causing regurgitation, projectile vomiting, ankyloglossia, which can be attributed to satiety, excessive (and uneven) supply, cluster feeding, sleepless nights, etc. Please combine. “

She continued, addressed to another new mom on the same journey.

Millie Mackintosh shared two adorable family snaps
Fans said they could be involved

Millie Mackintosh Latest News

Recently Millie I shared a lovely photo from her “first walk” with Aurelia, Addition: “We are still finding the foot, but once we understand it, a little more ([fingers crossed emoji]) I will definitely share more about our journey, “with a female emoji hugging a baby.

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Millie Mackintosh meets her daughter Siena, one, baby Aurelia, who shares a sweet moment

Source link Millie Mackintosh meets her daughter Siena, one, baby Aurelia, who shares a sweet moment

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