Millie Mackintosh marvels at a swooping black dress when posing with her baby daughter

Made in Chelsea Star Millie Mackintosh When she posed with her husband and former co-star, she was stunned by the plunging black dress. Hugo Taylor And the newborn baby daughter Aurelia

Millie, 32, uses Instagram to share a selection of snaps with 1.4 million followers and is amazed at the plunging black dress as she prepares to spend her first night for the holiday season. rice field.

Reality favorite, Someone who recently shared a candid breastfeeding snapIt looked great in a plunging black oriental style dress with long bell sleeves with floral design on the bottom of the sleeves and short dress.

The star posed with herself, her husband Hugo, 35, and another couple and their newborn daughter, Aurelia.

Millie was stunned in a black dress that plunged for her first Christmas night

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The two mothers have a long lock hanging in a curly blow-dry dress with earrings studded with long gold diamonds and two gold chains bearing the names of their daughters Siena and Aurelia, respectively. It looked great on the shot.

She also posed with her husband Hugo, who looked smart at the night of the pair in black trousers, paired white linen, and a shirt without a collar.

Baby Aurelia looked like the bed was ready as the baby with cute white flowers grew up.

Millie’s final shot saw her cradle baby Aurelia, and she showed off her incredible appearance in a short dress in black tights.

Millie posed with baby Aurelia before going out on a festive night

The real-life star admitted that she had some help to look very good right after giving birth.

She captioned the photo. “On our first celebration night, we wore Bridget Jones trousers, chest pads, and heels and went out after 9 pm for the first time in a few months. (I got home by 10.30).” A laughing face emoji follows.

Fans rushed to the post to say how great she was. One fan wrote:

While another wrote: “Wowzers”, and the third simply “Wow”.

Millie recently After undergoing a caesarean section, she struggled to take care of her newborn infant, Siena. To welcome her second child.

Millie posed with her husband Hugo and their newborn daughter Aurelia

Millie Mackintosh recently revealed that she hired two nannies to take care of her newborn baby and little girl Siena.

She admitted that she hired a nanny at night to take care of her newborn baby Aurelia “a few nights a week.”

“I had a great daytime nanny and I was able to catch up with my sleep with a nanny several nights a week. This was a big help!” Star shared in her story. ..

She explained that her husband, Hugo, could only take two weeks of parental leave to help the children, but he helped a lot with his mother and close friends.

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Millie Mackintosh marvels at a swooping black dress when posing with her baby daughter

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