Millie Court and Liam Riadon got stuck in a hotel room in Dubai after a positive test for Covid.

Milly coat When Liam Riadon After Liam’s Covid test returns to “estimated positive”, they should be quarantined together on their first vacation.

The Love island 2021 Winners Jumped out on a holiday to Dubai Things got worse yesterday, but after Liam’s PCR test returned to “estimated positive.”

Millie, who posted a photo of an orange sunset, posted a message on Instagram explaining how the couple was “totally angry” after spending a “once-in-a-lifetime” vacation. ..

Millie writes: This means that you need to quarantine for 3 days in the hope that it will be negative.

“If so, we are free to leave, but if that is positive, we need to end the 10-day quarantine. We are absolutely angry.”

Millie reveals that Liam’s PCR test has returned to “estimated positive”

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“We had to cancel our desert tour today at the last minute. We were both supposed to celebrate a great year tonight, but we celebrated in the room and watched the fireworks from the balcony. Will be. “

Millie included a broken heart emoji because her boyfriend Liam bought her a “once-in-a-lifetime” holiday as a birthday present, but explained that “everything went wrong.” She added that the couple was supposed to travel to the Maldives after they left Dubai.

The star would then divert criticism and say, “People shouldn’t go in the middle of a pandemic anyway,” but we’re not living in fear, as much as we can. I’m trying to live my life. It’s as safe as possible.

Liam posted a photo of Millie sleeping on the beach after landing in Dubai

Liam previously posted a selfie from a hotel room

“During Christmas, Liam and I had a lateral flow every day. When we saw the family, we had them also test the lateral flow. We were especially cautious. ..

“Liam is perfectly fine, has no symptoms at all, and I’m negative. We can get some news in a few days and continue our trip to the Maldives, so why? If you’re wondering if you don’t have that much content, it’s because we’re trapped in a room. “

Millie finished the message. “There isn’t much content that can be posted here. Who knows I might do a make-up tutorial for you, fill in the time haha”.

It’s after sharing how excited the couple was to go together on their first vacation after winning Love Island earlier this year.

The couple shared their photo at the airport before taking off together on their first vacation

Posting a photo of the couple at the airport on Thursday, Liam wrote: I’m going to Dubai. First holiday together, we can’t wait. “

Liam also shared a photo of a couple enjoying a drink in the departure lounge before sharing a photo of the view from the hotel and a photo of Millie sleeping in the sun lounger. So he joked. fall asleep”.

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Millie Court and Liam Riadon got stuck in a hotel room in Dubai after a positive test for Covid.

Source link Millie Court and Liam Riadon got stuck in a hotel room in Dubai after a positive test for Covid.

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