Mikel Arteta blames VAR for Everton’s defeat, not pre-match protests

Mikel Arteta He pointed his finger at VAR, but the pre-match protest was Arsenal Bernd Leno’s own goal fans lost his team to Everton at home.

Thousands of Arsenal supporters marched to the ground Protest the club owner.

Action on the pitch was not comparable to pre-match protests, including fireworks that were lacking in most of the Premier League match itself.

But Everton will leave northern London at all three points After goalkeeper Reno turned Richarlison’s cross into an own goal and defeated Toffee 1-0 Transferred to Arsenal for the first time in 25 years.

The relationship between fans and owner Stan Kroenke has been turbulent in recent years, but worsened on Sunday when the Gunners announced that they had signed up as one of the founding members of the withdrawal European Super League.

The bad faith in the new tournament was so intense that Arsenal and Premier League buddies Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham all withdrew from the plan just two days later.

A portrait of Kroenke hung from the streetlight pillar as supporters fired flares, raised anti-Kroenke flags, chanted his removal, and sang a song normally heard on the stand as protests continued after the kick-off.

However, Arteta refused to identify them as distracting players arriving five hours before kickoff to avoid problems outside the stadium, excluding the foul penalty of Dani Ceballos instead. Turned angry at the VAR call made for a narrow offside against Nicolas Pepe in the buildup.

Asked if the protest affected the outcome, Arteta said: “No, I knew it was happening. The fans wanted to express their feelings, so I prepared with that in mind. No excuses.

“When I had to define the game at the crucial moment, I didn’t have a clear chance, so I lost the game because the decision was made when I gave up my own goal and got the right to score. “

Arteta was clearly plagued by VAR’s call to Pepe and was bullish when asked if the decision offended him.

“Obviously, this is because it’s accumulated, it’s enough, and it’s enough today,” he added.

“We have a lot of people who don’t explain, and when they explain, they say,’Sorry, that was a mistake,’ but unfortunately it affects a lot of people, It influences our work and, most importantly, our football club.

“I can’t understand it. I’ve been playing football long enough and have seen it 10 times, but if I still want to find it, I can’t find it.”


Mikel Arteta blames VAR for Everton’s defeat, not pre-match protests

Source link Mikel Arteta blames VAR for Everton’s defeat, not pre-match protests

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