Mighty Dax star Shaun Weiss marks two years of drinking with a frail slowback snap

Mighty Dax star Shaun Weiss celebrated two years of drinking on Thursday with a side-by-side comparison of his unusual appearances after kicking a drug addict.

I posted a photo on Instagram, 42, explaining how far I’ve been since I promised to quit drugs forever. The result is amazing.

On the left side of the image, Sean is unrecognizable, wearing a beanie hat and a grown beard, captured in a throw of his drug use that looks thin and disturbed.

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On the right, the former child actor is seen in a shot that evokes hope and pride with a smile, and is seen in a healthy weight with a restored natural complexion.

“A thousand mile journey begins with 12 amazing steps,” Sean captioned.

The former Disney star decided that it was time to change his life, and after participating in a 12-step program, he participated in rehab in March 2020. He is grateful to put him back on the right track.

Sean’s friend Drew Gallagher added the caption “I’m very proud of your brother. Look at it now” on his Instagram and reposted the images side by side to the recovered star. Showed support for.

Drew discussed in detail the difficult journey with the drug of Mighty Dax actors before the successful transition to recovery in January 2020. People magazine..

“There is no blameless Shaun Weiss here. He is definitely blaming many of the stupid things he is doing,” he said.

Former Disney Star promised to turn around entering rehab in March 2020

“If you spend time with him, you will have a dramatically more compassionate understanding of what he is about.

“He’s sick, he’s mentally sick. He’s just sick and everyone gives up on him.”

Sean was arrested several times, including possession of methamphetamine in Burbank, California, and was involved in many legal issues during a drug addiction.

Sean starred in the Disney movie Mighty Dax as a child actor in 1992.

In August 2018, he was trapped for public drunkenness, and more than a year later, police reportedly broke into a California garage while taking large doses of methamphetamine, breaking the window of a car. Was done.

“Police officers noticed that the glass on the ground was shattered and observed that the passenger seat window of the vehicle was broken,” the police report read.

The case was finally dismissed in 2021 after reaching 18 months of drinking after the case through the Narcotics Court program.

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Mighty Dax star Shaun Weiss marks two years of drinking with a frail slowback snap

Source link Mighty Dax star Shaun Weiss marks two years of drinking with a frail slowback snap

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