Microsoft killed Patch Tuesday for some enterprise users

Microsoft plans to release a new tool that will automation of the patch management processbut the elimination of Patch Tuesdays for many organizations.

The company’s new Windows Autopatch service will keep business computers constantly updated as part of a new feature included with the Windows Enterprise E3 subscription service.

Organizations running Windows 10 or Windows 11 Enterprise E3-licensed systems will be eligible for the new patch service, which is expected to be universally available in July.

“This service will keep Windows and Office software on registration endpoints up to date automatically, at no extra cost,” wrote Lior Bela, Microsoft’s senior product marketing manager. blogmail. “IT administrators can get time and resources to promote value. The second Tuesday of each month shall be ‘another Tuesday’. “

Windows autopatch screen capture Microsoft

One – click approval is required for the Microsoft Autopatch feature to work.

Patch Tuesday (more recently known as Tuesday Update) is a collective term used in the IT industry to refer to the time when Microsoft and others typically release on – the – spot repairs to their operating system and other software. Children’s Tuesday is always the second Tuesday of every month.

Microsoft said it is automating software updates in response to “the changing nature of technology.” For example, the pandemic has increased demand for more remote or hybrid work, making performance and security updates even more important, as systems outside an organization’s firewall are more frequent.

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Microsoft killed Patch Tuesday for some enterprise users

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