Microsoft is the latest technology firm to suspend sales in Russia

The technological exodus from Russia escalated today, with Microsoft halting sales of new products and services in the country due to the Ukrainian invasion. Apple did the same thing much earlier in the week.

“Like the rest of the world, the images and news from the war in Ukraine are terrifying, angry and sad and we condemn this unwarranted, unreasonable and illegal invasion by Russia,” said Microsoft President. , Brad Smith. blog post.

Microsoft is just the latest in a line of Western companies to suspend sales in protest of Russia ‘s invasion of Ukraine. Nike and Dell Technologies have suspended sales within Russia, such as SAP and Oracle. On Tuesday, Apple has confirmed that it has stopped selling its products in Russia. Ar Apple Store in RussiaAll products are listed as “not available” for purchase or delivery in the country.

“We are deeply concerned about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and stand with all victims of the violence,” Apple said in a statement Tuesday. “We are supporting humanitarian efforts, providing assistance to the emerging refugee crisis, and doing all we can to support our teams in the region.”

However, Google Alphabet has stated that it will continue to provide its search engine and other services in Russia, although Google Pay may not be available in certain “countries, regions and institutions” as sanctions are imposed. “Most of our services (such as Search, Maps and YouTube) are still available in Russia at the moment, continuing to provide access to global information and perspectives,” Google said. blog post.

However, Google has blocked mobile apps connected to Russian broadcasters RT and Sputnik, and yes cessation of ad sales in Russia. Microsoft also said it would remove state-owned Russian media outlet RT mobile apps from the Windows App store and ban ads on Russian state-sponsored media.

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Microsoft is the latest technology firm to suspend sales in Russia

Source link Microsoft is the latest technology firm to suspend sales in Russia

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