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Microchip your cat or impose a fine, says the UK government

The British government has announced a compulsory microchip program for domestic cats. This is intended to facilitate reunion of lost pets and their owners. If you refuse to inject chips into a feline, you will be fined up to € 500.

The Microchip plan was announced on Saturday by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Areas. According to the government, this measure is said to enjoy the overwhelming public support that “99% of people” support forced microchips for pet cats.

“Cats are a very beloved part of our family and using microchips is the best way to reunite with cats if they are lost or stolen. “The Minister of Animal Welfare Goldsmith said in a statement. ..

According to official statistics, the majority of UK cats already have tracking microchips, and about 2.8 million of the more than 10.8 million pet cats do not have microchips. At the same time, 8 out of 10 stray cats arriving at the shelter are not equipped with microchips.

Under the new rules, all cats must wear a microchip before reaching 20 weeks of age and store their owner’s contact details in a database. Owners whose cats do not have such a device have a 21-day grace period to attach the tip to their pet. If you do not then do so, you will be fined up to £ 500.

This measure is welcomed by the British Cat Charity. “Microchips are the most effective and quick way to identify lost cats and help ease pressure on rescue charities such as cat protection. Without microchips, lost cats. Will probably be final. It is often rehomed to a new home because there is often no trace of its original owner, “said Jackie Cuff, Head of Advocacy & Government Relations at Cat Protection. ..


Microchip your cat or impose a fine, says the UK government

SourceMicrochip your cat or impose a fine, says the UK government

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