Mick Jagger’s son Lucas, 22, is all smiling after having ear surgery

Lucas Jaguar was seen looking happy and healthy after going under a knife last year due to an ear problem.

Son of music icon Mick Jagger78, he had ear surgery in April 2021 when he had cholesteatoma — — A skin-lined cyst that begins at the edge of the eardrum and invades the middle ear and mastoid process — — Eardrum anastomotic resection, which is the removal of abnormal or infected tissue as well as removed.

Lucas, 22, was often said to have an ear infection, which led to his decision to undergo surgery.

Nine months after surgery, Lucas was seen attending Paris Fashion Week.

Lucas Jaguar was discovered in Paris nine months after ear surgery

Lucas were all smiling when they took pictures at Louis Vuitton’s Fall / Winter 2022/2023 show.

He wore a Louis Vuitton jumper in combination with a striped blazer and trousers.

Lucas, like his father, wore a long lock that went down to his shoulder in combination with his glasses.

The 22-year-old attended Louis Vuitton’s Fall / Winter 2022/2023 show

Lucas informed 429,000 followers about the surgery in April and confirmed that it was not cosmetic surgery.

He shared a series of hospital photos. Among them is a picture of a tube in his nose, unconscious to see a large bandage wrapped around his head.

Another photo shows Lucas sitting in a wheelchair wearing a face mask and a camouflage-printed tracksuit, and the third photo was a selfie of his mirror in a surgical gown.

“He’s okay,” he captioned the post. “Ear Surgery 10/10 Fit Photo 2/10”.

“Ps. The surgery wasn’t cosmetic,” Lucas added.

Lucas had ear surgery in April 2021

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Lucas was born after having an affair with his mother Luciana Gimenez while Mick was still in Jerry Hall.

Jerry went on to argue that the incident was the cause of the collapse of their relationship.

The former couple shares four children: Georgia (30 years old), Elizabeth (37 years old), James (36 years old), Gabriel (24 years old).

Like Lucas, Georgia, Elizabeth, James, and Gabriel, Mick shares his daughter Charis (51) with Marsha Hunt and his son Devlow (5) with his current girlfriend Melanie Hamrick.

Music legend Mick Jagger is the father of eight children

During the summer Mick shared a sweet snap with his youngest Melanie celebrates her partner’s 34th birthday.

In the photo, Melanie kissed Mick’s cheek while holding her hand over Devlow’s shoulder.

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Mick Jagger's son Lucas, 22, is all smiling after having ear surgery

Source link Mick Jagger's son Lucas, 22, is all smiling after having ear surgery

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