Michelle Heaton will “wake up and buy vodka” instead of being run by a school during alcoholism

Michelle Heaton Her alcoholism was so bad at some point that she admitted to going out to buy a bottle of vodka first thing in the morning.

The 42-year-old quit drinking last year after a turbulent fight against alcoholism. As soon as she woke up, she visited the supermarket and satisfied her desires.

Michelle kept in mind to focus on alcohol consumption before considering taking the two children to school in a move that he considered “selfish” in retrospect.

“I always promise that this was the last time I drank or used cocaine,” said a Liberty X star. Sun..

Michelle Heaton says he buys vodka on the morning of addiction

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“But I woke up for fear that it wasn’t there and had to buy more vodka.

“I manipulate my friends to pick up the kids from school. I was selfish. I’m tired. I didn’t want to lie, but I needed alcohol so I lied. It was relentless. “

Michelle’s heavy drink consumption peaked in December 2020. She suffered from massive bulimia and received an IV drip at the hospital.

Michelle's addiction gets worse and she says she has no way out "Willing to die"
Michelle’s addiction got worse and she said she had no way out

The singer confessed that she had no way out of the addiction during that pesky time, so after hitting the bottom of the rock, she remained feeling “dark” and “willing to die.” rice field.

“I didn’t know why I couldn’t stop drinking. No matter how sick I was, I still” rewarded “myself with alcohol,” continued Michelle.

She continued. “I looked sick. I knew my liver was clogged, but my addiction was getting worse.

“I don’t know how I live that New Year, so I think it’s just a dark day when I’m willing to die. I couldn’t see an escape route.”

Michelle's husband, Hugh Hanley, considered leaving her for her addiction before thinking about the well-being of her children. Faith (9) and Aaron (7)
Michelle’s husband Hugh Hanley considered leaving her because of her addiction

Michelle’s husband Hugh Hanley Feeling pushed to the limit due to his wife’s drinking problems, he even left her at some point before stopping for the children’s faith (9 years old) and the well-being of Aaron (7 years old) at a tense time. I thought.

“There was a desire to prevent children from growing up without their mom,” Hugh said. Sun..

“I knew Michelle wouldn’t have made it that long if I left. I was very aware that I was there to help keep her alive.”

Michelle went to rehab last year following the fight for alcohol and is now calm for eight months.
Michelle went to rehab last year following the fight for alcohol

Hugh, along with Michelle’s manager and friends, gave her an intervention following a dangerous vendor, reminding her that she would “die” if she didn’t seek the help of an addiction expert.

Michelle soon booked herself to Priory, where she stayed for almost a month and remained calm ever since. Mark her 8 months mark on social media In the new year.

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Michelle Heaton will "wake up and buy vodka" instead of being run by a school during alcoholism

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