Michelle Heaton shares shocking photos from the fight of addiction to help others

Michelle Heaton To raise awareness, she frankly posted a series of photographs of herself during her addiction fight.

Former Liberty X singer Michelle, 42, fought an addiction to alcohol and cocaine before seeking help earlier this year.

Now, Celebrate the sober 200 days When Looking forward to her first sober Christmas, Michelle has frankly shared her snaps through the fight with Instagram followers.

One photo saw Michelle closing her eyes, while another saw her face and eyes swollen.

Michelle Heaton recorded her additional battles and shared a snap to discuss the government’s new plans.

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After Michelle’s rehab stint, the last snap was a happier memory, including one snap hugging her husband and kid and another snap smiling at the camera.

In the caption, Michelle welcomed the government’s proposal to tackle addiction. Earlier this week, Boris Johnson announced a 10-year plan to stop the drug problem in the UK.

Michelle explained: “We welcome all efforts by the government to address this issue that affects too many families.

“It’s great to work with suppliers and help addicts. I’m very happy to hear about additional treatment locations. They are in desperate need. To be honest, help, friends and family. I didn’t have the money to earn. I lent it, but I needed treatment within a few days, so without them I would probably not have been here. “

Former Liberty X Star Michelle has been calm for 200 days since then

Michelle frankly shared a shocking snap from her addicting battle

“I hope that the word education will be heard a lot in the future .. There is an urgent need for early education at school, which I really feel strongly about.”

Regarding addiction, Michelle added: “This disease is not discriminatory. It affects the poor and the rich.

“Hersher’s punishment unfortunately does not stop our true addiction. It drives us to be more manipulative with our addiction! It is a mental and physical illness.

“We also need to focus on stopping it before it catches us.”

Michelle hugs her husband and children with a snap shared in the post

Michelle then wondered where the addiction began and said, “The list is endless.” Then she insisted: “It’s not a middle class issue, it’s a question for you and me.

“It’s a kid who never fits, it’s the wife of a bored house.”

The former singer added: “Punishment simply ignores where and how to tackle it before it begins, so it’s not an answer in itself!

“Education, helpline, and more information are most needed!”

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Later, Michelle talked about his own fight for addiction, explaining that “I didn’t grow up in poverty, there was certainly no middle class problem, and I never became addicted.”

She added: “Until I almost died, I didn’t know what the addict was.

“Information, meetings, a 12-step program calmed me down! And what do you guess? It’s free! My passion is now giving back and helping others calm down and clean up That is. “

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Michelle Heaton shares shocking photos from the fight of addiction to help others

Source link Michelle Heaton shares shocking photos from the fight of addiction to help others

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