Michelle Heaton reveals that she reformed friendship after overcoming addiction

Since admitting himself to the monastery seven months ago due to alcohol and drug addiction Michelle Heaton We have made great strides.

In addition to finding a new desire for a sober life, the two mothers revealed that her friendship was “returned.”

“What I thought they left me because they hated me was actually I pushed them away.” 42 years old said all right! In a festive shoot at our exclusive home..

“Some people have disappeared, and I’m fine with that-it saves me from calling them and telling them to leave!”

Michelle is preparing for her first sober Christmas I look forward to spending time with my husband Hugh Hanley and his two children, Faith (9 and 7 year old AJ).

Michelle’s friendship is back after calm

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When asked if he had the nerves to surround the celebration, Michelle explained:

“We have already decorated it and are really looking forward to it.

“As far as I can remember, it was my first year to do Pantomime.

She can’t wait for family Christmas

“Last year, the punt didn’t work. I went to the hospital and missed two shows, so I was headed for having no work, staying at home, sober, energetic, and not dead. Because it was where I was, I could have ended up in a different way. I feel very lucky to be alive. “

And Hugh couldn’t help any more on her journey to a life free of alcohol and drugs.

“I was in the front row seat and saw someone self-destruct and then repair it myself.” He told us..

Hubby Hugh is very proud

“I’m very proud. The person she was in this year and the person we’re out of this year are a completely different world,” he added.

Michelle checked in herself to the monastery in April after hitting the bottom of the rock. In the worst case, she drank up to two bottles of wine and one vodka a day, and also cocaine.

As a result of her drinking, the enzymes in the liver are very high, and Michelle revealed earlier that the rehab center therapist had told her: “I wasn’t sure if you were going to make it.”

But with an unprecedented positive feeling, a former Liberty X star tells us: I believe I have it now. ”

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Michelle Heaton reveals that she reformed friendship after overcoming addiction

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