Michelle Heaton announces Christmas decorations, adding a festive touch to the bedroom

Michelle Heaton Opened her door exclusively all right! Now that everything is decorated for Christmas, for a special tour of her home.

Already in the festive season, the 42-year-old has transformed her shared home with her husband Hugh and her children into a unique winter wonderland with decorated bedrooms. Watch the video tour below …

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When she talks to the camera to give readers a glimpse of their alpine-inspired kitchen and living area where their Christmas tree stands, former Liberty X singer Michelle says it’s the pride and joy of her home. increase.

Michelle, Those who have recently overcome the fight against alcoholism, Description: “This is our Christmas tree. I can’t wait for Santa to give me a present. I already have a present for my kids.”

Michelle gave OK!Exclusive tour of her house

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Elsewhere, the kitchen table is adorned with festive flowers and pine cones. The star explains: “This is a Christmas decoration for our beloved table.

“Every Christmas morning, I have a crumpet for breakfast and then I eat all day.”

However, Michelle was pulling a stop all over the house, including the bedroom, so he didn’t stop there.

Michelle adds some festive magic to her bedroom

Michelle adds, showing the viewer the touch of congratulations she gave to the room, such as fairy lights and gifts: I like to decorate everywhere in my house. “

“This is my favorite place, it’s very quiet and makes Christmas feel very real when I sleep on a glittering night.”

She continues. “When we wake up in the morning, we don’t go downstairs first. It’s really nice to wake up and feel really festive.”

Michelle’s kitchen has an alpine atmosphere

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Michelle and her family will spend their first time at home instead of starring in Pantomime, so it will be a memorable Christmas.

Since participating in the rehab, the two sober mothers explained:

“This is the first year we’ve all been together, without punting and celebrating it somewhere in the hotel.”

Michelle and her kids will be busy baking this Christmas

Michelle opened up how they spend their time during the festival and explained that she and her children have a lot of traditions.

Michelle said: “I love baking with kids on Christmas and I love breaking nuts. EverythingChristmas We love it.”

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Michelle Heaton announces Christmas decorations, adding a festive touch to the bedroom

Source link Michelle Heaton announces Christmas decorations, adding a festive touch to the bedroom

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