Michael Burley: Injured Vladimir Putin heats up as aggression can rekindle conflict

Vladimir Putin I am sending a chilling message to the world.

This naked aggression threatens to rekindle conflicts in the region, Europe’s only major war that began in 2014. Russia Annexed Crimea to support Russian-speaking separatists armed in the east Ukraine With the military.

No wonder Western governments are worried.

The United States deploys two warships in the Black Sea, with Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Defense Nato Headquarters in Brussels.

Western government fears Vladimir Putin’s move could rekindle conflict with Ukraine

Already about 13,000 people have died in the conflict. Soon it will be feared, and there will be thousands more dead.

In fact, Russia has long struggled to accept that Ukraine, a vast and vast neighbor that shares many religious and historical ties, is a sovereign state.

But here more than Ukraine’s independence is at stake. This is part of Putin’s grand plan, and in recent weeks he has bent the muscles of Russian troops around the world.

When the Kremlin deployed a new nuclear torpedo, three Russian nuclear submarines broke through the Arctic glaciers.

Meanwhile, Russian fighter-bombers are crushing the remaining Isis forces in Syria’s Idlib state.

And on March 29, NATO fighters, including the Royal Air Force typhoon, had to scramble to intercept six groups of Russian bombers in areas including the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

This multifaceted power show is a typical Putin. Not only did it tell the world not to ruin Russia, it was designed for the domestic audience. Pictures of Russian tank transporters and military trains are prominently featured on social media.

Russian leaders have been a nuisance for months, Michael Burley writes

In fact, Russian leaders have been a nuisance for months. Covid-19 has been hit hard and Putin was forced to spend strict quarantine last year. There are few images that the strongest man in the world wants to present.

He was vaccinated last month and seems reluctant to be considered a 68-year-old vulnerable.

He was furious when he saw opposition leader Alexei Navalny receive worldwide coverage after Russian officials locked him in exile.

Russians are also suffering. There was no well-known pandemic aid in the West. The economy is stagnant.

And above all, US President Joe Biden sharply dismissed Russian leaders as merely “murderers” and not truly important in the New Cold War, which divides the world between China and the United States.

US President Joe Biden in the photo sent two warships to the Black Sea amid growing concerns about the situation within the Western government.

So where is the injured Putin better suited to heat up than Ukraine?

Putin, the longest-serving leader in his country since Stalin, was characterized by the fact that he acted as if he were controlling a giant gas stove alone, raising and lowering the temperature at will. ..

But Ukraine is still rebellious. Last month, its young president, Volodymyr Zelensky, stripped Putin of Russia’s oligarch, the main parent of three television stations in Ukraine, where he needs to make his claim.

Zelensky then hinted that Ukraine wanted to join NATO. This is a move to bring Western troops adjacent to the center of Russia, an absolute “yet” for Moscow. The Kremlin never delays telling ridiculous lies, suggesting that Ukraine plans to carry out a “ethnic Russian” massacre.

In fact, there is no ethnic difference between Ukrainian and Russian speakers in this region. Most people are bilingual and all are Christians.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took a picture last month of Putin stripping the oligarchs of Russia, the main pro-Russian of three television stations that need to be claimed in Ukraine.

But the Kremlin doesn’t have time for such details.

Meanwhile, the world is watching the region with deep concern.

Bad weather and muddy conditions make it less likely that a new invasion of Ukraine will occur before May, but the threat is realistic and deadly.

Putin continues to tell Washington and its NATO allies that they are ignoring Russia at risk, but punishing its economy.

Importantly, he encourages the West to find an urgent solution to the Ukrainian conflict. In his mind, he realizes that Russia cannot afford or lose money.

Of course, it would be a resolution made on his own terms.

Michael Burleigh is a Senior Fellow of LSE Ideas.

Makeshift trenches and tank ranks: Russian troops rally at the Ukrainian border as Western leaders fear that Vladimirputin’s move could cause a full-scale war

By Able Tahel for Sunday Email

Ukrainian soldiers, wearing combat equipment and wielding Kalashnikov, are standing in makeshift trenches ready to resist Russian military forces.

Soldiers and their associates may resemble a group of defenders of Dad’s Army, but Russia’s military buildup along the Ukrainian border is deadly by Western leaders. It is considered a serious escalation.

As Kiev warned that Russia’s aggression could be “caused”, Western nations said Putin’s move could cause a full-scale war, which could drag NATO allies, including Britain, into conflict. Expressed fear.

Social media footage shows thousands of Russian tanks, missile trucks, armored vehicles, and long-range guns being transported by freight trains to Crimea and Donbus.

Frozen footage on social media shows thousands of Russian tanks, missile trucks, armored vehicles, and long-range guns being occupied by Crimea on a freight train and a Russian-backed separatist Donbas. In 2014, it was shown to be transported to the border of the East Ukraine region during the conflict.

Kiev estimates that Putin ordered an army of 85,000 men at a strategic location 6 to 25 miles from the border between the Crimean Peninsula and Donbas. At least six 2S4 Tyulpin self-propelled mortars (capable of firing a 12-mile warhead) were shot on a flatbed train. The devastating power of this weapon, called the “Urban Destroyer,” destroyed the fortress from Chechnya to Afghanistan.

The biggest military buildup since 2014, when Russia merged Crimea, surprised Western leaders so much that US President Joe Biden sent two warships to the Black Sea. They will arrive later this week.

Last night there were concerns about 100 British troops in Ukraine training the country’s troops as part of an operational orbital. The Pentagon said they were not in the eastern part of the country.

Members of the Ukrainian army walk near the city of Donetsk, Ukraine, which is dominated by rebels

The Ukrainian government, led by President Volodymyr Zelensky, has accused Russia of planning to invade Donbas and instigated violence between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian rebels.

Dmitry Kozak, deputy secretary of the Russian presidential administration, said members of the Kiev government were like “children playing in the game” and “military action … would be the beginning of the end of Ukraine. “He added.

The Ukrainian president met Turkish leader Recep Erdogan in Istanbul yesterday to ease tensions.

Michael Burley: Injured Vladimir Putin heats up as aggression can rekindle conflict

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