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MI6 Boss Cools China’s Warning in First Interview-“Beware of Traps” | UK | News

MI6 boss warns of China’s “debt trap and data trap”

“China has set up debt traps and data traps,” said a recently appointed head of the UK’s Foreign Security Agency (formally the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)), giving the UK more stringent security measures. I urged you to take. Moore, also known as the “C,” said:

Explaining “data traps” and “allowing other countries to access really important data about your society will erode sovereignty over time and you will lose control of that data.

In Radio4’s Today Programme, the best spy chief added:

The UK has long been wary of China’s impact on its infrastructure and network as a whole.

Following orders from Washington, London restrained and eventually banned Chinese company Huawei from installing the country’s 5G network for fear of remote monitoring and data mining of communications traffic.

Richard Moore, Head of MI6 (Image: Getty)


Moore warned about China’s threat (Image: Getty)

Moore later spoke at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, stating that China is now “the only top priority” for his institution, and “miscalculations” by Beijing’s overconfident government on issues like Taiwan. A “serious challenge” to world peace.

Britain has recently offended China after the signing of the AUKUS agreement, said former MI6 chief John Sawers. “The agreement is not aggressive towards China, but it is a defense alliance, and in many respects China will extend its military footprint to the South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific.”

He stated “support for a broader defense pact,” but “China is the main focus of concern.”

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UK bans China’s Huawei from 5G infrastructure (Image: Getty)


Sir John Sower said AUKUS is a defense against China (Image: Getty)

Moore also warned of the threat posed by Russia.

He described Moscow as an “acute threat” and said that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not recognize the right to be an independent state of Ukraine.

Moore said: “We are worried about the buildup of the army and what President Putin’s intentions are, so some sort of crisis may occur around Ukraine.”

“Therefore, it requires very careful monitoring and requires very careful cues to the Russians about the prices they would have to pay if they intervened, as in 2014.” He added.

“There is no hostile kind of agenda here,” he said. “We are not trying to surround Russia, but to prevent Russia from pursuing its legitimate interests.” Not. “

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Russia is also mentioned as a concern for the UK (Image: Getty)

During the Cold War, about 80% of British intelligence resources were focused on counterintelligence and anti-Soviet measures.

Parameters changed when the iron curtain collapsed, global terrorism and extremism were at the forefront following 9/11, focused on SIS, Security Services (MI5), and Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). 80% of efforts to counter terrorism.

The idea that China and Russia are once again rising as global players means that for the first time since the end of the Cold War, the link between crime and terrorism is trying to lag behind its priority as a new threat. Will appear.

Many wondered if Brexit would affect the efficiency of British intelligence, but experts said security, partly helped by Britain’s membership in five-eyed intelligence. It claims to continue to maintain good control of the equipment.


Moore denied that the Taliban’s sweep to power was a failure of intelligence. (Image: Getty)

Mr Moore quickly denied that this was the case of a rush withdrawal by the United States and Afghanistan’s Allied forces, as many catastrophic global events condemned the failure of intelligence.

Moore admitted in the Today program that the assessment of the speed at which the Taliban seized control of Kabul when British and US troops withdrew from Afghanistan was “clearly wrong.”

But he said, “explaining it in terms of intellect failure is really exaggerated.” “None of us predicted the rate of Kabul’s fall,” he said.

The person responsible for SIS added: “Frankly, if we hired all the members of the Taliban, the Taliban leadership group would [if] We hired them all as secret agents, but the Taliban didn’t, so we wouldn’t have predicted the fall of Kabul yet. “

But he did not “soft soap” that the Taliban’s victory was a “serious reversal”, but that it “boosted the morale of radicals around the world, and those who actually sit in the capital.” He added that he was worried that it might happen. In Beijing and Moscow. “

MI6 Boss Cools China’s Warning in First Interview-“Beware of Traps” | UK | News

SourceMI6 Boss Cools China’s Warning in First Interview-“Beware of Traps” | UK | News

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