Men’s Health Condition That Is Still Not Talked About Openly

Talking about health conditions can be challenging. Sometimes it makes you worry more and sometimes it hinders your self-esteem. Men prove to be less emotional than women. Thus, they can find it harder to talk openly about their health and existing conditions. All people should be aware of the benefits of opening up about their conditions. Finding someone you trust will allow you to share your story and concerns and find the right help. Bottling it up and hiding the issue can make it worse and impact the quality of your life.


If you are new to men’s health conditions that are still not talked about openly or want some advice on how to open up, here’s more.

Men’s health conditions that are not talked about openly

There are various conditions that men may talk about. These are often more common conditions that affect both men and women, from heart conditions to aches and pains. However, conditions that involve mental health and sexual issues are those that men find hard to talk about.


When a man suffers from a mental or sexual issue, they often hide it as they do not want to appear less masculine. Plus, they find it more challenging than women to come to terms with the issue. Bottling up the concern and not talking about it can have a direct impact on self-esteem and mental health. Thus, it is important to talk about them to get the right physical and mental health.


With that in mind, here are the most common men’s health conditions that are not talked about openly.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an erection issue that affects sexual intercourse and activity. ED can make it difficult for a man to develop and maintain an erection. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It affects more than 30 million men every year and there is treatment available. There are various causes of ED from a lack of blood flow to the penis to stress.


Talking about it will help you receive the right help for your physical and mental wellbeing. Treatment options are endless. The most common treatment is mediation such as Sildenafil, which is available online or in-store at pharmacies. This can help increase blood flow to the penis to help achieve an erection, which also regains a man’s self-esteem.

Mental health

Men find it more challenging to deal with and speak about their mental health. It is an issue that affects both men and women.


For a man, it can hinder his self-esteem by talking about the issue. It may let out a man’s emotional side, which they feel is not right. However, speaking about your emotions is totally right. Everyone is equal and should communicate about their issues to receive the right help. In fact, it makes a man much stronger mentally and physically by talking about mental health. It will regain your confidence and also help others speak openly about it too.



A common male cancer is prostate cancer, which is cancer of the prostate glands. The prostate is found in the male’s reproductive system.


Men try not to talk about cancer as they try not to come to terms with the issue. Although they should seek the right help. If you ever come across a lump or bump on the genital area, you should get it seen immediately to prevent the issue from spreading.


Talking openly about cancer will encourage other men too. It will also allow you to find help sooner rather than later, which is beneficial for your physical and mental health.


Every human can develop moles. They are often an issue that can lower self-esteem due to their appearance. But, everyone should know they are normal.


Getting moles checked regularly will ensure that they are healthy and cannot cause skin issues.


Men especially find it difficult talking about moles due to their appearance. A man’s self-esteem can easily be hindered due to their appearance. Yet, speaking about them will make others realise they are normal and should seek help if they are irregular.

How to open up and talk about your health as a men

Here are some points to help you open up about your health:


  • Speak to another man. Speaking to another man will allow them to understand you and help them open up about their concerns. You will build trust and be able to receive support and help.


  • Create a comfortable environment. Finding a comfortable environment will help you open up. Whether it be over the phone or over a drink, use any situation as a means to talk about your health and get the support and advice you need.


If you are a man that struggles to talk openly about your health, you shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed. Talking openly will encourage others to speak up and it means you will receive the right help for the sake of your physical and mental health.

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