Men’s 20th Anniversary Tour Dates, Fares, Where to Buy Tickets

Boy band fans, everything rises: Blue has just announced a 2022 UK tour.

To celebrate their (Gasp) 20th anniversary, the quartet has had many dates at venues such as London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester.


Heart & Soul: Blue will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022 with the UK Tour dates.

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Tickets will be available for purchase at 9am on Friday (December 3rd). AXS ticket When Ticketmaster..

It’s hard to believe that Antony, Duncan, Lee, and Ryan got together to make five records 20 years ago (and remember, the 2011 UK Eurovision entry).

Now they play the very beloved pop bangers such as “All Rise”, “U Make Me Wanna” and “Best In Me”.

They also have one hellish support act in the form of their contemporary pop trio, Atomic Kitten.

Yeah, it’s a total of seven early Noughties superstars on stage.

Read on to find out more about when and where Blue and Atomic Kitten are playing, where to buy tickets, and the price of tickets.

Blue 2022 Heart & Soul Tour Schedule

Here’s an overview of when Blue will play in the UK next year:

Where will Blue play in 2022?

Blue will perform on a series of dates next September, with the final day being October 2, 2022.

They will be held throughout the UK, including London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds.

However, depending on the popularity of the ticket, it is not impossible to add additional dates to the schedule. Therefore, if you can’t create the original date, it’s a good idea to check in again to see if anything happens.

When is the general sale of blue tickets?

Tickets for the Blue 20th Anniversary Tour are on sale at 9am on Friday, December 3, 2021.

Our advice is not to expect them to be sold in the coming weeks, but to buy them if you are interested.

After all, we are now approaching the season of giving gifts. Who doesn’t want to find a set of blue tickets for this Christmas stocking?

We rest our case.

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Men’s 20th Anniversary Tour Dates, Fares, Where to Buy Tickets

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