Melbourne Covid’s Protest: 18 “Freedom Fighters” Positive After a Powerful Rally of 20,000

Eight protesters from Melbourne’s “freedom” rally have been tested positive for Covid, including those who are currently hospitalized and unvaccinated, with 20,000 remaining “high alert” for symptoms. Was prompted

  • At least 18 Covid cases are associated with “freedom” protests in Melbourne
  • After attending a rally with 20,000 other people, 10 men and 8 women have Covid
  • There is concern that the virus will spread undetected throughout the community

At least 18 Covid cases are associated with “freedom” protests throughout Melbourne Early this month.

After marching down the street with up to 20,000 other “Freedom Fighters” on November 13th and 20th, 10 men and 8 women were tested positive for the virus.

Public health officials believe that nine cases were already infected when they attended the rally-exposing other participants to the virus.

The other seven may have been infected during the march. Age report.

One of the demonstrators was taken to the hospital for Covid treatment, but did not require intensive care. It is understood that the patient has not been vaccinated.

Crowds gathered on three consecutive weekends in Melbourne’s legislative steps against the Covid vaccine order and the Andrews government’s controversial pandemic bill.

Only one of the 18 protesters was fully vaccinated and two were initially vaccinated.

Currently, there is concern that Covid has spread undetected to all participants in the protest-some do not believe the virus is present or refuse to test it.

A spokesman for the Victorian Health Department urged anyone who participated in the protest to pay attention to their symptoms and “be tested even if they had the mildest symptoms.”

Catherine Bennett, director of epidemiology at Deakin University, said there are more likely cases related to protests that health officials have not yet identified.

She said many participants were unvaccinated and may not believe in Covid’s threat, so gathering in “freedom” protests could increase the risk of infection.

A woman who saw her holding a sign indicating that she could be infected with a virus

“The protest is not an illegal event, but people may still be reluctant to say they are protesting, because they have symptoms, even if they are tested,” she said. Said.

“Some groups may be less likely to be tested, especially if they have only mild symptoms.

“And if people are calling out and cheering, you just add that possibility … they only have to stay there for a minute.”

Police estimated that about 20,000 people attended the latest rally on Saturday and marched on CBD against the legislation introduced to stop vaccine obligations and the spread of the virus.

Protesters shook the state’s CBD banner, slammed drums to block Spring Street, and chanted “Sack Dana Andrews” towards Burke Street.

National flags were also seen in protest, including flags from Greece, Lebanon and Northern Macedonia.

Further protests are already planned for this weekend.

This revelation comes as Victoria records 1,007 new Covid cases overnight and the rest of the country is out of breath waiting to learn more about the new Omicron variant.

The Victorian Department of Health announced three more deaths on Monday, confirming that the state is currently managing 11,501 active Covid-19 cases.

There are no confirmed cases of Omicron in Victoria yet.

At least three new cases of the Omicron variant, first reported in Botswana on 9 November, have been identified in Australia and another is suspected.

The first two cases were recorded for returnees to Sydney, and the third case was detected in the Northern Territory on Monday afternoon.

Signs seen in crowds outside Melbourne’s CBD Flinders Street Station


Melbourne Covid’s Protest: 18 “Freedom Fighters” Positive After a Powerful Rally of 20,000

SourceMelbourne Covid’s Protest: 18 “Freedom Fighters” Positive After a Powerful Rally of 20,000

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