Mel B shares a sweet letter from the Duchess of Cornwall following the MBE

Mel B – Real name Mel B. Brown – became an MBE for her campaign to stop domestic violence and help victims of abuse.

Speak for the first time After receiving her honorThe Spice Girls star revealed that the Duchess of Cornwall, 74, wrote to her a letter congratulating her on her achievements.

Mel, 46, who revealed what Camilla Parker Bowles personally wrote to her, said: xx. ”

Mel, a three-mother recognized for her philanthropy and service to vulnerable women, also elaborated on the impact of abusive relationships on her to this day.

“When you leave an abusive relationship, it can take years to get over it,” she told Steph Magaburn at Steph’s pack lunch.

Mel B said she received a letter from the Duchess of Cornwall

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“I’ve been six years old and I’m getting PTSD and flashbacks. When the door closes, I jump and get nervous. Especially when I’m experiencing forced control, it really robs your soul, Destroy your personality. Confidence. “

She continued. “So it’s only two years since the incident happened and reported it, two years isn’t long enough before it’s only six months.

“But that’s the beginning, and at least it’s heading in the right direction. Some women may never get over it.”

Mel B became open by leaving an abusive relationship

Hoshi then opened about the reaction of her mother who received her MBE letter.

Mel explained to Steph: “The letter arrived at Mom’s house in a car with a driver …

“Mom calls me.’Here’s a letter from His Majesty, what did you do?'”

Mel was honored in a campaign against domestic violence

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“I hurried home and my hands were shaking … My mother said,” Open it, open it, oh, you’re in trouble … “

“I opened it, and I had to read it many times because it wasn’t sinking …”

Mel admitted that receiving the MBE was “really overwhelming”, having nothing to do with the status of the Spice Girls.

Mel said receiving an MBE was “really overwhelming”

“It had to do with shedding light on the taboo topic of domestic violence,” she shared.

“Just being recognized and commended, it becomes a voice, helps women through traumatic experiences, and men … there are many.”

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Mel B shares a sweet letter from the Duchess of Cornwall following the MBE

Source link Mel B shares a sweet letter from the Duchess of Cornwall following the MBE

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