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Meghan Markle attacks Hollywood caricatures of Asian women in film | Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle attacked Hollywood caricatures of women in Asian culture as she resumed her job podcast series After a hiatus after the Queen’s death.

The Duchess of Sussex spoke with guests about their portrayals in films such as Austin Powers and Kill Bill, as well as her own experiences with Korean culture in the United States. Journalist Lisa Lin and comedian Margaret Cho.

“The Dragon Lady, the seducer of East Asia, is a mysterious foreign seducer scripted as both tantalizing and deadly, and it pervades much of our entertainment. doing.

“But this toxic stereotype of Asian women doesn’t end when the credits roll.” He said he was guilty of offensive language.

Lynn tells Meghan that when she was a Broadcaster on Channel One, she was named Hot Reporter on Rolling Stone’s Hot List but then faced racist abuse “Someone at my work cut out the article, drew a slanted eye over the eye, wrote ‘Yeah, that’s right,’ and put it back in my mailbox,” she said.

“It seemed like every core of excitement I had had just dried up. Someone I met every day at work that I was supposed to feel comfortable with was hiding those feelings about me and making it racially distasteful.” It was so devastating that I had the courage to do so.

Lucy Liu, who played Oren Ishii in Kill Bill, previously claimed that the character was an example of a “dragon lady”, which she defined as “an Asian woman who is cunning and deceitful”. [who] Although she uses her sexuality as a powerful tool of manipulation, she is often emotionally and sexually cold and threatening to her masculinity.

Writing for the Washington Post, she said: Why not call Uma Thurman, Vivica A Fox and Daryl Hannah Dragon Lady? I could have worn a tuxedo and a blonde wig and still would have been called the Dragon Lady because of my ethnicity.

“If I can’t play certain roles because mainstream Americans still see me as an other person and I don’t want to be cast only in ‘typical Asian’ roles to reinforce stereotypes, We begin to feel the walls of a metaphorical box, with an AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) woman standing in for us. “

She mentioned Anna May Wong’s experience. Hollywood actors she said lost roles to white actors in yellowface. “It’s limited and there’s still a long way to go,” he added.

Discussing her own experiences with Korean-American culture, Meghan, along with her mother, Doria Ragland, became known as Jimjilbang, whose focus is on relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family. She said she was unaware of the stigma facing Asian women until many years later.

https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/oct/04/meghan-markle-attacks-hollywood-caricatures-of-asian-women-in-film Meghan Markle attacks Hollywood caricatures of Asian women in film | Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

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