Megan Markle’s lawyer accuses “bullying” claims in a new BBC documentary

Megan Markle’s The lawyer counterattacked the allegations of bullying against the Duchess of Sussex in a new documentary aired on Monday, November 30th.

Prince Harry’s His wife, 40, was accused of “bullying two personal assistants from Kensington Palace” during her stay in England.

But during her explosive interview Oprah Winfrey,She strongly denied the claim.

Buckingham Palace has begun investigating the allegations and is still in progress.

Megan Markle previously denied the allegations that she “bullied” the staff.

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Now, Megan’s lawyer, Jenny Afia, reiterated the claim that Megan had “massive inaccuracies” in the claim that he had “bullied” some of her staff.

In the new BBC documentary It is said that there was a last-minute change to please Harry, Jenny was asked by presenter Amol Rajan if the story was accurate.

She told the presenter in the second half of the two-part documentary: “The overall claim was that the Duchess of Sussex was guilty of bullying. Absolutely not.

“First, it’s about clarifying what bullying is. What bullying really means is the improper use of intentional and repetitive power to physically or emotionally hurt a person.

Megan Markle’s lawyer counterattacked the allegations of the “bullied” staff of the Duchess of Sussex

The documentary focused on the period between Harry and Megan’s wedding and their decision to resign as a senior royal family.

“The Duchess of Sussex has absolutely denied doing so, yet she does not want to deny someone’s personal experience.”

And when asked if there was evidence to refute the allegations, Megan’s lawyer said, “It’s really hard to prove negative, so if you weren’t bullying someone, how would you not? Prove.

“Denying a claim alone does not address the underlying problem of making a claim.”

In the second half of the documentary, we investigated the period from the wedding of Harry and Megan to their decision to resign as a senior member of the royal family.

Reporters remembered the moment Prince Harry said, “Don’t behave this way,” during a tour of South Africa.

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Sky News reporter Rhiannon Mills talked about a couple’s tour to South Africa. Meanwhile, the couple “did not talk to us the way he would have done.”

Rehanon recalled his interaction with 37-year-old Harry in Malawi. So she called on him to ask a question during her engagement.

She admitted that Harry felt “pushing her luck a little” in the question she asked: “Don’t behave this way.”

The reporter added: “Most people look at it and think,’Wait a minute, it was a polite question, why it exploded.’

“But when I look back now, I didn’t notice because I was basically kicking the beehive.”

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Megan Markle's lawyer accuses "bullying" claims in a new BBC documentary

Source link Megan Markle's lawyer accuses "bullying" claims in a new BBC documentary

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