Megan Burton-Hanson squirts into James Rock “stepping into the ground” in romance

Megan Burton-Hanson Called her new beauty James Rock “Intelligent on the ground” as new couples continue to approach.

former Love island Star Megan, 27, first linked The only way is Essex Star James, 35, a few months ago.

Since then, the two have gradually shared various stories and videos about their up-and-coming romance, but for the first time Megan has spoken openly about her new man.

From strength to strength, the duo already seemed to ride like a house of fire, and Megan did not resist her erupting new interview.

Megan Burton Hanson and James Rock casually looked at each other, the former finally opening her feelings.

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Megan said she revealed that she had only thought of Rocky as a “bad boy” for TOWIE in the past. MailOnline: “He wasn’t really this character I was … well, I was watching Twee the day he was a bad boy.

“He’s so plain. He’s easy to talk to. He’s so smart that he never actually sees it on TV, but yeah, we’re having a great time.”

Instagram influencers and models continue to say that James has already “opened his eyes” on new things, and they loved spending a lot of time together.

Megan added that the reality star really “surprised” her. Because she didn’t really believe that he was so compassionate and humble at the same time.

Megan and James have spent a lot of time together

James Rock is a member of the TOWIE cast

But when all right! Earlier this month I spoke to James at a VIP preview of Lakeside Christmas Wonderland. He revealed the situation in their relationship and claimed that they were not official.

“I’m not with Megan,” James said. “We spend a lot of time together. We’re just looking at what’s going on. We’re not official at the moment. People are jumping to conclusions and trying to push us in. I know, but we enjoy each other’s company. “”

After appearing on Love Island, Megan, who emerged as bisexual, has dated James’ friend and TOWIE co-star Demi Sims in the past.

Megan and Demi sadly didn’t end their relationship in good condition, but the latter has since given her co-star a blessing at the ITVBe show.

Megan Burton-Hanson opens about her up-and-coming romance with James

She told him she was excited about his future as long as Megan made him happy.

In addition, Pete Wicks joked about the two stars that have the “same taste” to the female, as the group joked that James could chase after someone else.

The star also said that both he and Megan had a relationship that had failed in the public eye in the past, so they decided “slowly” rather than ruining things before they actually started. rice field.

The only way is for Essex to air on ITVBe on Sunday.

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Megan Burton-Hanson squirts into James Rock "stepping into the ground" in romance

Source link Megan Burton-Hanson squirts into James Rock "stepping into the ground" in romance

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