Megan Burton Hanson hints that she and James Rock are still together

Megan Burton Hanson with her TOWIE Star James Rock Actually I’m still dating, Despite recent reports, the pair were on different paths.

Came after the former Love island Contestants suddenly seemed to stop posting images on her social media with her new beauty, urging many to think things got worse between the pair.

Now, the 27-year-old Essex model has straightened people and called a troll who threw vulgar abuse at her in response to one of her Instagram stories.

Then she shared a screenshot of the page in a direct message. There, Troll told her “You are ah **” and then branded her “w *** e”.

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“LOL Is this from a woman ?! Why are we conditioned to just calm down as women, not single,” Megan yelled at her followers.

“‘Another farewell’ It seems like a failure on my part. Also at 8am! Get coffee curren and f ** k off.”

The beauty of blonde hair continued to say that she and other women in her “late twenties” were very much under the “pressure” of being tied up and settling in relationships because of society.

Megan said this would have a very disastrous effect, as “too many women” appear to be returning to their original partners who were “toxic”.

Megan and James attended many events together

The star then finished her frustrated post, informing fans that everything might look different and hinting that she and James were actually still dating behind the scenes.

“Also … I never confirmed that it was a relationship, and never confirmed that it was over …” Megan revealed.

“I just slowed down with the cleansing story content @jameslock__,” she added with a laughing emoji.

Rocky and Megan also went to New York

Megan and James, 35, seem to have really come up with it a few months ago when they suddenly started posting various selfies and comments about others on their social media accounts.

Still, when the rumors began to swirl, they had already stopped it, so the couple had only been dating for about two months.

Their up-and-coming romance was even confirmed by TOWIE when Megan’s ex-Demi Sims blessed James in a Halloween scene.

Reality stars warned friends to “caution” after Petewick joked that “women have the same taste.”

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Megan Burton Hanson hints that she and James Rock are still together

Source link Megan Burton Hanson hints that she and James Rock are still together

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