Megan and Harry Lilibet’s daughter “gave a pink toy car” on her first birthday

Megan Markle and Prince Harry Enjoy a Double Holiday This Weekend As Next To Platinum anniversary of the Queen the parents also celebrated the first birthday of their daughter Lilibet.

The young woman after whom she is named the queencelebrated in style on Saturday with her parents and big brother Archie, as the couple chose to miss a day of the jubilee celebrations to spend time with the young child on her special day.

Together with his family, A source close to the couple told The Sun. that the young man will receive many gifts to celebrate the important event – including a special standout piece, a pink toy car.

They said: “Since her first birthday is an important moment, there were many discussions some time ago about the gifts that will be given to her on this day.

“One idea that turned out to be very popular was a pink £ 75 Volkswagen Beetle toy that was spotted at Selfridges.”

The Ricco Volkswagen pink beetle, currently on sale at Selfridges for £ 75, is just one of several gifts little Lilibet is rumored to have received when celebrating her first birthday

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The lovely vehicle, which is officially licensed by Volkswagen Beetle, includes PP for the car’s body, while adding a touch of luxury to the leather material used to upholster the seats.

The car also includes a rotating steering wheel full of horn, sounds and lights – the company describes the humanized design as “baby-friendly” even for the biggest driver.

Although the party was modest, it took place at the couple’s former home in Frogmore Cottage, Windsor, where the young family lived before emigrating to the United States.

The guests of the exclusive affair were treated to a picnic with sandwiches and cake, in the presence of several younger royalty, incl. Zara and Mike Tyndall Mia’s children, eight, Lena, three and Lucas, one, together Peter Phillips and the daughters of Otham Kelly Savannah, 11, and Isla, ten.

Harry and Megan are reported to be
Harry and Megan are reported to have “ruled a quiet and casual birthday party” for Lilibeth yesterday

A number of other guests were expected at Lillibet’s first birthday party, including Archie’s godfather Charlie Van Straubenzi and his brother Tom. Princess Charlotte is a godfather.

The source added: “It was wonderful and had everything you would expect from a children’s birthday party.

Although it was a children’s party, the source continued to reveal that there was no official entertainment, as the entire soiree was very down to earth and calm, with people free to dive in and go out as they pleased.

It was also a great opportunity for the royal children to meet and communicate for the first time – the perfect gift for any birthday!

The duke and duchess shared only one photo of their daughter Lilibet
The duke and duchess shared only one photo of their daughter Lilibet

Little Lillibet and her brother Archie have not been seen since landing in the UK for the anniversary, but it is understood that they both have to meet the 96-year-old queen before the eventful weekend.

The Queen also shared her heartfelt birthday wishes with the little one in a tweet that read: “I wish Lilibet a very happy first birthday!”

Similar feelings were expressed by her uncle and aunt, Prince William and Kate Middleton who wrote: “I wish Lilibet a very happy birthday, who turns one today!”

S Prince Charles and wife camel also adds: “I wish Lilibet a very happy 1st birthday today!”

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Megan and Harry Lilibet's daughter "gave a pink toy car" on her first birthday

Source link Megan and Harry Lilibet's daughter "gave a pink toy car" on her first birthday

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