Meeting of the Minister of Interior with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Belgium

During his two-day visit to the United Kingdom, Verlanden briefed his counterpart on the UK’s support for the Ukrainians, including the extension of the existing family route and the introduction of unrestricted humanitarian protection.

On the issue of illegal migration, they both agreed that an important part of meeting this common challenge is international partnership and cooperation.

During the meeting, the Minister of the Interior confirmed that the United Kingdom will finance a package of security measures to combat dangerous illegal travel between the two countries, which promotes criminal groups. This will support the new command-and-control response center, introduce surveillance technology, and provide additional frontal resources along the Belgian border.

This increase in information sharing և partnerships will help reduce the number of people making these dangerous journeys, prevent channel losses, and dismantle more criminal gangs.

Interior Minister Priti Patel said.

In Europe, beyond, countries must work together to address global issues.

Minister Verlinden ժամանակ During our meeting, we reaffirmed that our respective governments are disgusted with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. An attack on a sovereign state openly violates international law և norms և can not be without consequences.

Our commitment to jointly combat illegal immigration through the introduction of new security measures in Belgium will show how important cooperation can be in saving lives and undermining the business model of international criminal gangs.

These practical steps complement the law changes we are making here in the UK as we implement our new Immigration Plan, repairing our broken asylum system, which is currently doing little to prevent individuals from entering illegally.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Anelis Verlinden said.

The United Kingdom is a potential neighbor, so excellent operational cooperation between our two countries is important. Organized crime, such as the smuggling of migrants, does not stop at the borders. In the post-Brexit era, it is possible to continue working together to stop these illegal activities.

As far as illegal migration to the UK is concerned, our police are firmly committed to dismantling criminal networks, which in turn has a positive impact on mitigating the problem in France.

The exchange of information is central to our joint commitment to the fight against organized crime. I am looking forward to starting negotiations to sign a police cooperation agreement. Such an agreement between Belgium and the United Kingdom should provide an opportunity to exchange more information in real time, disrupting human trafficking networks, other forms of organized crime, such as drug trafficking, and child sexual abuse.

The meeting was also an opportunity to formally launch negotiations on a law enforcement cooperation agreement between the two countries, to further strengthen the UK-Belgium partnership, demonstrating continued commitment to judicial cooperation and law enforcement cooperation.

These measures’s “closer cooperation” with the Joint Declaration on Combating Immigration Crimes between the two countries, signed by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Crowe in November 2021.

During the meeting, the Minister of Internal Affairs welcomed the initiative of Belgium to discuss the bilateral cooperation agreement in law enforcement agencies. He noted that the UK appreciates the co-operation of law enforcement agencies with Belgium and wants to explore how this can be further strengthened.

The Minister of the Interior also praised the recent successful police operations in Belgium against drug-related crimes, and welcomed further discussions on the threat of serious organized crime. This will enable them to work together to address common threats, particularly in the fight against drug trafficking.

They are both looking forward to talking again, staying in touch for weeks and months to come.

Meeting of the Minister of Interior with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Belgium

SourceMeeting of the Minister of Interior with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Belgium

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