Medical detection dog sniffing Covid at Dubai and Miami airports

Miami participated in deploying medical detection dogs at Dubai airports this week (Photo: Getty)

First full-time deployment of Covid detection dog It started at the airport in Dubai.

There are currently 38 medical detection dogs in the United Arab Emirates, which can identify infected individuals working at airports with 98.2 percent accuracy.

The team, including German Shepherd, Labrador, Cocker Spaniel and Border Collie, can perform 30-40 tests a day, said Dubai Police Lieutenant Nacelle Alfalash, who oversaw the training program.

Many countries, including Finland and France, have previously set up small teams of dogs to work at the airport as part of their pilot program.

This week, the United States has become the latest country to deploy two dogs in Miami as part of a 30-day trial.

Dutch Shepherd Betta and Belgian Marinoa Cobra can sniff out the virus with 98.1 percent and 99.4 percent accuracy rates, respectively.

They are located at security checkpoints for staff sniffing workers who volunteer to support exams being conducted with the help of Florida International University.

University president Kenneth Farton told The Washington Post: The big “Ahaha” for me was not only that the dog was trained for this job, but also very accurate.

Cobra the Belgin Malinois has been proven to eavesdrop on Covid with an accuracy of over 99% (Photo: Getty)

“Everyone, including humans, is wrong at some point, but [Cobra’s] There are almost no mistakes.

“For example, it turns out that one employee was warned by Cobra and had just recovered Covid-19.”

Medical detection dogs can sniff the metabolic changes in people’s breathing and sweat caused by the disease, More accurate than immunochromatography.

Some varieties may take only two weeks to pick up the scent. Lifeline fundraising campaign We currently support Medical Detection Dogs, a British charity that trains. dog Detects a variety of diseases, including Covid and cancer.

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Medical detection dog sniffing Covid at Dubai and Miami airports

Source link Medical detection dog sniffing Covid at Dubai and Miami airports

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