McLaren hopes F1 will return to China after COVID-19

By Martina Fuchs

TORONTO, June 22 (Xinhua) – McLaren Racing’s chief technology officer told Xinhua at a Collision technology conference on Wednesday that he hoped Formula One would return to China soon, that the country would “often is a leader in innovation.

To the question whether the McLaren team has plans for future business expansion in China, Edward Green answered: “We are always looking for what the Chinese market does first. They often lead the way, pushing innovation ahead of the rest of the world. This is a market that we always follow very closely. “

Green spoke at Collision, one of the largest technology conferences in the world, to be held June 20-23 in Toronto, which was attended by about 35,000 participants, including 900 speakers, 1,500 startups, 1,200 journalists, 850 investors և 100 unicorn companies.

The Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai is missing from the calendar from 2019 due to the COVID-19 epidemic և is also not included in the 2022 schedule.

Green commented on his hopes of reuniting with Chinese fans and returning F1 races to China.

“We would like to return to China at some point in the future,” he said. It’s really exciting. “It’s always a great race, we have great fans,” he said, adding that China was “an incredibly strong market.” for all around us. “


Along with the acceleration of stability և electric cars (EVs), Green commented on McLaren’s vision and progress with a view to a “greener” race.

“Stability is really interesting. We now have two EV series, one with the Extreme E, four with four batteries out of the way, and the other with the Formula E, which recently joined the team.

He continued. “We need to reconsider our stability, of course, to become stronger and better at it. “I think we are already doing a lot of work, but more is expected.”

“I think they (the EVs) help us challenge, they give us areas to look at, to review as a team, to see how it inspires other racing teams.”


Green highlighted the potential of technological innovation in motorsport.

“Technology is at the heart of everything we do in Formula One racing և Of all our McLaren races, but no more, you do not see on the Formula One track whether the performance difference can reach hundreds : in milliseconds. “

“You need all the data, all the range, every piece of information at your disposal to create better strategies, help design the car և Finally, make sure you make the right decisions to get our drivers to finish so high. It is possible on the weekends of any race. “

On Sunday, Max Verstappen from the Red Bull team of Formula 1 in the Canadian Grand Prix increased his advantage in the current championship season with a victory in Montreal.

However, both McLaren drivers finished in the top ten in that race, with Australia’s Daniel Ricardo in 11th place and Britain’s Lando Norris in 15th.

Green, therefore, stressed the need for more technological cooperation to gain a competitive advantage and improve their vehicles.

“In short, we have all the partnerships to move faster, whether it is on track or off track. We need to find technology companies to help us analyze all that data. ”

“On the road, we are looking for partners who can help us analyze all the data coming from the machines. We generate about 11 and a half billion data points each season, which is more than we could have imagined as a team. So we need to find technology companies that will help us analyze all that data. ”

McLaren hopes F1 will return to China after COVID-19

SourceMcLaren hopes F1 will return to China after COVID-19

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