Maya Jama was excited to work with Alesha Dixon because she imitated her when she was a teenager.

Maya Jama says she was excited to work with Alesha Dixon on the new TV personality show “Walk the Line.” Because she imitated her when she was a teenager.

The beauty of tvHosting the ITV series, she revealed that she learned all the rap Alisha It was played in the girls band Mystique and even imitated the movements on stage.


TV Beauty Maya Jama reveals that she was excited to work with Alesha Dixon on Walk the Line because she imitated her when she was a teenager.Credit: Rex

And she suffers from fraudster syndrome working with Alisha and her co-judge, Gary Barlow, Dawn french When Craig David..

But they helped by supporting her success.

Maya spoke exclusively with Biz on Sunday, revealing: “When I was young, I was trying to learn everything about Alisha at Misty. People say I’m a bit like her because we both had deep voices and petite traits. I was there.

“We also played together. She was probably the first celebrity I interviewed on the radio when I was 19, and we rapped a bit back and forth. She was great.

“You will be emotional”

“She has always been exactly the same and has shown a lot of love. She is a really nice and healthy person.”

Maya also graces the same stage as pop’s favorite Craig — as a DJ before Glastonbury was set in 2017. But she admits that she was too nervous to get close to him at the time.

Maya said with a laugh. “I remember being very excited to be there. I don’t think I really even talked to him at the time. I just went,” Oh my god! “To myself. I also thought, “Don’t ruin it and clean up the curb before he comes here.”

Asked about working with Craig and Alisha, she continued: It’s been a long time.
“But they helped me build confidence. Whenever I have a little doubt about something, they are always there to reassure me,” Well done. rice field”. They boost me. “

The 6-part series starting tonight Simon CowellThe latest TV project. On top of that, music variety shows can earn life-changing amounts. And Maya revealed that some of the performers were very good at it and had a hard time suppressing their emotions while filming.

She said. Adele I can’t touch it, but this show has some great vocalists who can definitely reach some of these notes. And some songwriters who played their songs came up with really deep and meaningful lyrics.

“When you see what it means to them when they are singing, you have to be a little emotional. I’m not good at hiding emotions. I’m a little honest But I think you can see all my emotions in my face at this show. “

I’m ready tonight.


“When I was young, I was trying to learn everything about Alisha at Misty,” Maya said.Credit: Instagram


“She’s a really nice and healthy person,” she added.Credit: instagram / aleshaofficial

Rita: I love the way of Taika

Rita Ora opens about discovering a love affair with a film director Taika Waititi..

singer “I didn’t expect to find love in Australia and I wasn’t looking for it.”


“I didn’t expect to find love in Australia, I didn’t,” Rita Ora said of her relationship with Taika Waititi.

Asked by an independent whether she changed the way she dates in public, she said: Protecting what you really care about, I think you have to have a little sense of privacy.

“If I hadn’t experienced what I had in the past, I wouldn’t know it. You can book a little more for something you want to protect privately.”

Rita thanked her in her twenties for freezing some of the eggs, saying: And as a woman, I think I’m unknowingly putting that pressure on myself. Because we feel it is our duty.

“So I didn’t want to worry about it, and I didn’t chase it, and that was the best I’ve ever done.”

Stormy Webber Spot

Andrew Lloyd Webber is lined up with Cinderella’s leading actress Carrie Fletcher Hope after defending her after a fierce attack on a young co-star.

last month West end legend He told his cast to admit that they work in the “service industry” and “no one has the right to take the stage.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber is alongside Cinderella's leading actress Carrie Fletcher Hope


Andrew Lloyd Webber is alongside Cinderella’s leading actress Carrie Fletcher HopeCredits: Getty Images-Getty

According to sources, the relationship with Carrie, a former disciple who is a sister of McFly’s singer. Tom Fletcher – She became sour after she reacted violently to his criticism. Some say: “Carry found it impossible to support his remarks. He was able to cut the behind-the-scenes atmosphere with a knife.”

After the attack, Carrie tweeted. “@ ALWCinderella’s company is wonderful, bright, diligent, disgustingly talented, funny and beautiful people. I’m fortunate to be able to work with them.”

She then liked tweets that criticized Andrew. “Bullying a performer doesn’t improve the show.”

Given Cinderella’s review, behind-the-scenes dramas can quickly become much more interesting than the stories they perform on stage.


David Beckham’s Best Mate Dave Gardner Moved from Liv Tyler – As our exclusive photo shows him arm in a stunning model.

Football agent Lorena Ray People who were once linked Leonardo DiCaprio..

David Beckham's best companion, Dave Gardner, was found relaxing to Lorena Ray.


David Beckham’s best companion, Dave Gardner, was found relaxing to Lorena Ray.Credit: Goff
The pair was seen laughing as they climbed the Range Rover


The pair was seen laughing as they climbed the Range RoverCredit: Goff

The pair was seen laughing as they climbed the Range Rover after leaving the 75th Anniversary Blue Moon Gala, which was studded with UNICEF stars.

Modeled after the underwear company Victoria’s Secret, Lorena looked great in a black dress, and Dave wore a black suit on Wednesday night’s bash at Outernet London.

One source said: They were clearly enjoying each other’s company and looking at each other. They had their arms crossed. They were also chatting with other guests while standing with each other before getting in the car together at the end of the night. “

The pair are following each other on Instagram.

Last month, it was reported that Dave and Rive, daughters of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, split seven years later. It seems that they broke up in March.

German model Lorena, who has a contract with a promoted modeling agency, was found hanging out with actor Leonardo in Saint-Tropez and New York in 2017. But she was all smiling with Dave this week.

David and his best mate Dave


David and his best mate Dave

Who is this weed …

SNOG: ELLIE GOLDSTEIN: One of our great magazines, Women of the Year.

marriage: Jack Whitehall: To admit, he avoids kale smoothies for fried foods.

avoid: Protons after Carrie’s husband, Big, died alone on TV Sex and the City.

MAX touring as a homer

Wanted Hank Max George Next year I’m on a Strictly Come Dancing tour.

He will be a partner Kacha Jones – And wear the Homer Simpson costume that you danced at last year’s show during Movie Week. Diane Baswell..

Max is pleased to be able to participate, especially as this year’s tour was canceled due to a pandemic.

Max tells us: It’s great that people can see our Simpsons dancing again. We hope to cover some of the moves on our next The Wanted tour. “

Max dating a soccer player Ryan Giggs‘Ex-wife Stacy, Reunited with bandmates Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuinness and Siva Kaneswaran earlier this year.

He added: I’m sure they will come and see me play on Strictly. “


NAUGHTY BOY will be a TV chef.

Music producer He is enthusiastic about taking the movie crew on a journey and aims to release a recipe guide.

Naughty Boy will be a TV chef


Naughty Boy will be a TV chefCredit: Rex

His manager, Jonathan Shalit, said: local cuisine. “

Given that Naughty Boy made a fuss about substandard rice while I was a celebrity, that seems like the perfect next step.

Idley of mega money transactions

IDRIS ELBA is expanding his wine bar brand with huge deals.

Luther actorOwning a champagne bar Porte Noire in Kings Cross, London, is also looking for the location of his own member club inspired by the gorgeous Soho House model.

A source near him said: “We are looking at two bars in London, we are also looking at members clubs, bars or restaurants in London, and potentially one in Europe and one in the United States.”

Did Tom lose his senses?

TOM DALEY reveals a new secret attachment to foliage plants. There are more than 200 Olympic champions, and many are always arriving.

He states: “I love to fill my house with plants. There are many. I think I have over 200 foliage plants. The windowsill I’m looking at right now is just covered. There are plants on any surface. There is, and that’s definitely what I do for my mental health and well-being. “

Diver TomAfter revealing his love for knitting, his new hobby.

He told Bustle magazine: I make a lot of hats.

“Cooking is also really big for me. I know some people find hosting to be very chaotic. I can’t say that’s the way to relax, but how great the orderly food is. I love you. “

I’m excited that Tom has a lot of talent. But perhaps he needs to be reminded that he is 27, not 72.

Who did you find?

  • Georgia’TOFF’ TOFFOLO drinks fizz at Aldi’s waist-end champagne bar Veuve. She raised the glass to be the second best-selling champa in the UK.
  • Tony Hadley at the TV and radio industry’s TRIC Christmas Lunch in London is required to do it rigorously each year, but refuses.
  • Hollywood star Tom Holland set foot on the ground last Saturday by hosting Nando’s in Soho, London.
  • Rebecca Ferguson picks up the Celebrity Cigar Smoker of the Year at Canary Wharf’s Boazdale.
  • ROCHELLE HUMES holding a cigarette outside at this morning’s Christmas bash in Brasseria, western London.
Maya Jama stands out red on the red carpet of Fashion Awards 2021

Maya Jama was excited to work with Alesha Dixon because she imitated her when she was a teenager.

Source link Maya Jama was excited to work with Alesha Dixon because she imitated her when she was a teenager.

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