Maura Higgins defends Molly May and Shauna Phillips participates in “Tone Def” remarks

Maura Higgins Defended her friend Molly May The Hague After she was accused of her “tone hearing loss” comment about her success.

Former Love Island Star Molly May,twenty two, A person who recently enjoyed a trip to New York with his boyfriend Tommy FuryThe 22-year-old appeared in the CEO Podcast Diary with Stephen Bartlett, explaining to his 107,000 YouTube subscribers how to achieve what everyone wants, as long as they work hard enough.

“You are given one life and it’s up to you to do it. You can literally go in any direction,” she said, a businessman, entrepreneur, and social chain co-founder, Dragon’s Den. I told Stephen, an investor in Japan.

Meanwhile, fellow Love Island contestants Shauna Phillips, 27, tweeted to her 100,400 followers.

Maura Higgins jumped into the defense of her friend Molly May The Hague

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“I am very aware that I have an absolute feel in life. It is not due to hard work. What I am doing now is not hard work and it is lost to me. Never. ”

The beauty of the former Celebs Go Dating was later tweeted. “Molly May is young and has many successes very quickly, not many” lives “.

“So I can understand why she has that view. We said things when we were young and look back and think” it was ridiculous “lol. There is no shade, I want to live in her bubbles. “

Molly May Hague was accused of her comments on success
Molly May was accused of her comments on success

Meanwhile, the Irish beauty Maura, 31, who starred with Molly May on Love Island, replied: I was really surprised to comment on this. ”

But Shauna quickly protected herself and said, “100%! So I tweeted this in her defense. She’s young and successful. It’s not her fault. As I said, the shade. Not just jelly. ”

This was after Molly-Mae, creative director of fashion brand PrettyLittleThing and with 6.3 million Instagram followers, explained, “If you need something enough, you can do it.”

Shauna Phillips
Shauna Phillips tweeted her opinion in a podcast comment

She goes on to say: “We all understand that we all have different backgrounds, different ways of growing up, and different economic conditions, but if we need something enough, we think we can achieve it. increase.

“It depends on the length you want to go to get to where you want to be in the future. And I go to any length.”

She added:

Some agreed with her idea, but many said she couldn’t understand the privileged background from which she came from compared to others who had to double their efforts. I blamed her.

“It’s so funny that people are so gassing her that she feels comfortable to be able to say this. She’s always fine and this is very deaf.” I wrote it on Twitter.

Another co-owner: “I admire Molly May for taking the opportunity and grabbing it with both hands, but desperate for a quote about everyone who spends the same time as Beyonce. In reality, social inequality means that there is never an equal stadium. “

Maura Higgins defends Molly May and Shauna Phillips participates in "Tone Def" remarks

Source link Maura Higgins defends Molly May and Shauna Phillips participates in "Tone Def" remarks

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