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Matt Hancock plans to open a home for seven refugees Political news

Former Health Minister Matt Hancock plans to open his home to seven refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Mr. Hancock, who? resigned from the government in June After confessing to violating COVID rules, he told the Sun on Sunday that the family would place their four dogs in Suffolk’s home under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

The Conservative MP said he was assisting a female voter whose mother, two sisters, niece, nephew and partner were traveling to the UK with their nephew’s grandmother.

Victoria Prentis is the first minister to accept refugees under the Homes for Ukraine program

He told The Sun on Sunday. “I fell into it instinctively making an offer to a voter whose family was in desperate need.”

Mr Hancock, who will host the family for six months, said the visa process was a “challenge”.

This comes after another conservative politician, Victoria Prentis, became The first minister of the government to accept Ukrainian refugee.

A 25-year-old man named Vika, who had previously met Mrs. Prentis’s daughter in Ukraine, fled the southern city of Kherson.

Another Tory MP, Alicia Kearns, told the Sunday Times that at least ten fellow Conservative politicians had sponsored Ukrainian refugees to come to Britain, but so far only two have been brought here.

Ms. Kearns, who has helped Ukrainians integrate into British families, is looking forward to receiving the Ukrainian MP’s wife and sister, who each have one child.

Thor MP Alicia Kearns helped connect the refugees with British families and adopted two mothers and daughters.
Alicia Cairns helps connect refugees with British families, adopts two mothers and daughters

The lawmaker told Sky News last week that the government “could have gone further, faster” to help Ukrainian refugees, who are still concerned about the length of their visa bans, that they are not Ukrainian.

He told the Sunday Times that he had compared five other Tory deputies to family members of Ukrainian parliamentarians, but none had arrived yet.

“If Conservative MPs are unable to bring people here, what hope do others have at the moment?”

Other lawmakers, including Transport Secretary Grant Shaps and Labor MP Louise Hay, also said they would accept the refugees.

Baroness Finlay, a Crossbench peer from Llandaf who offers a home for her mother and two children in Cardiff, said she has been waiting three weeks for their visas to be cleared through the Homes for Ukraine program.

He described the visa scheme as “unacceptable” and said it “adds to the plight of refugees.”

Home Secretary Pretty Patel apologized last week for expressing outrage at the visa ban, but Home Secretary Keith Malthouse. said Sky News it was now “motorized”.

Recent figures show that only 12,000 people have arrived in the UK under the two schemes to help the war-torn country, with around 80,000 applications.

Matt Hancock plans to open a home for seven refugees Political news

Source Matt Hancock plans to open a home for seven refugees Political news

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