Matt Hancock blames England public health after blaming Supreme Court ruling on Covid care homes

Ex Secretary of Health Matt Hancock Blamed Public Health England (PHE) because he could not warn about the asymptomatic transmission ვიდed Then The court ruled That government policy on patient discharge Care homes In the early stages of the pandemic it was illegal.

In a decision on Wednesday, Lord Justi Bean and Mr Justus Garnem concluded that the policies set out in the documents published in March and early April 2020 were illegal because they failed to take into account the risk of asymptomatic transmission of the virus to the elderly and vulnerable. .

They also said that although there was “growing awareness” of the risk of asymptomatic transmission in March 2020, there was no evidence that the then-Secretary of Health had addressed the risk of caring for the residents of such transmission.

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The judges said: “In our view, this was not a binary question – a choice between doing nothing at all and, on the other hand, requiring all newly admitted residents to be quarantined.

“For example, the document states that when an asymptomatic patient, other than those who tested negative, is placed in a care home, he or she should be as far away from other residents as possible for up to 14 days.

“Since there is no evidence that this question was discussed by the Secretary of State, or that he was asked to discuss it, this is not an example of political judgment on a finely balanced issue.

“Nor is this the point on which any of the expert committees advised that no instructions were needed.

“The authors of the March 17 and April 2 documents simply failed to take into account the extremely important risk of asymptomatic transmission to the elderly and vulnerable population.

However Mr Hancock’s spokesman pointed the finger at the now-disbanded PHE, which was replaced by the UK Health and Safety Agency.

The spokesman said the embarrassed former minister “often stated” that he wanted the risks of asymptomatic transfer “given his attention before”.

Matt Hancock resigned as health secretary dramatically last June after admitting to breaking Covid rules while communicating with an assistant in his office.


The spokesman said: “This case case perfectly acquits the ministers of any wrongdoing and finds that Mr Hancock has acted wisely in all respects.

The court also found that PHE (Public Health England) failed to inform the ministers what they knew about the asymptomatic transfer.

“Mr. Hancock often said how he wished it had been given his attention before.

“Mr. Hancock’s thoughts are with everyone who has lost a loved one, and we need to make sure we learn all the right lessons.”

Katie Gardner (2nd left) and Faye Harris (2nd right), whose fathers were killed by Covid-19, leave the Royal Court


The case was initiated by Katie Gardner, whose father Michael Gibson died, and Faye Harris, whose father Donald died.

Speaking in court, Ms. Gardner said the ruling justified her belief that the government had “neglected” caregivers during the pandemic and justified “our campaign to find out the truth.”

Matt Hancock blames England public health after blaming Supreme Court ruling on Covid care homes

Source link Matt Hancock blames England public health after blaming Supreme Court ruling on Covid care homes

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