MAT launches a digital platform tailored to CPD

Dixons Academies Trust (DAT) has launched its own digital platform in an effort to increase the professional development of school and trust leaders.

Dixons OpenSource, Insight and Onsite offers a mix of free content and paywalls, with the open source element containing most of the resources made available and which, says DAT, “encodes our culture into watchable and listenable bites.”

These include a series of videos designed to offer high-level reflection on the culture, along with practical examples at the lesson level. Users can also request access to two additional portals.

Dixons Insight provides access to live virtual events, Q&A for executives and leadership resources, while Dixons Onsite is a “tailored and in-depth offering tailored to where you are on your journey of organizational change.” , including in-person visits by Dixons leaders.

The trust says all proceeds from its new initiative will be directly reinvested in generating additional content for the open source element of the platform.

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Overall, DAT says the new digital resource will not only act as a “Netflix for professional development,” but will ultimately improve pupils’ educational outcomes in the most disadvantaged areas.

Luke Sparkes is the deputy chief executive of the multi-academic fund, which serves 15 schools in West Yorkshire and the North West.

“We know that the key to lasting and transformative change in a school lies in the quality and depth of its culture, in the behaviors and habits that take place every day, at all levels, creating the ecosystem that allows the excellence of take root, “he said. “Culture is the amplifier of everything else.

“With Dixons Insight and Dixons Onsite, our goal is to support school improvement through the precise implementation of cultural change, making sure it takes root and incorporates. This is how, together, we can challenge the economic and social disadvantage ”.

Pic: Students engaged in learning at a Dixons Academies Trust school

MAT launches a digital platform tailored to CPD

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