Mason Mount: English star clashes enjoying another fight with Croatia’s Luka Modric

Mason mount I can’t wait to test his wit against the Croatian playmaker Luka Modric Again, only a month after the English midfielder was left rugged when one of his boyhood heroes asked for his shirt.

All eyes will pay attention to Wembley this Sunday as Gareth Southgate’s men kick off Group D against Britain’s heartbreaking side in the World Cup semifinals three years ago.

Modric performed the show when Croatia returned to win a 2 to 1 extra time, and the Three Lions wanted Mount to improve his veteran again exactly under the arch. I am aiming for revenge.

Chelsea midfielders played a key role in knocking out Real Madrid before winning the final against Manchester City in the Champions League semi-finals against a 35-year-old player.

“He has always been a player I have respected,” Mount said. “I’ve been watching him very carefully since he played in Tottenham and the Premier League.

“It was weird because I was watching him a lot against him. I knew to some extent his movements and what he was trying to do. He was a fan of the player and he Knows what he wants to do, which helps him play against him.

“The experience of playing against him is useful because I want to participate in these big games and learn how to deal with pressure and big moments. Those two games are large in our run and I have them I’ve gained a lot of experience from these two games. “

Not only did Mount play against Modric, but he brought back his shirt, and the 2018 Ballon d’Or winner requested a jersey at Stamford Bridge.

“I talked to (Mateo) Kovacic before the first match and asked if I could get his shirt at a later date,” he said. “I managed to do that, and he asked for mine in the second game because I didn’t actually give him mine in the first place.

“Koba said he likes to trade with players, so he came and said he wanted mine. Good luck in the next game.

“Obviously it was great to talk to him and he wanted my shirt, so I was pretty overwhelmed.”

When asked what it was like to know that Modric wanted his shirt, he smiled and said: I have it at home along with some others I have in the last few months or so. It’s always good to keep those special shirts. “

Another idol on Mount was Chelsea’s great Frank Lampard. He took him to the derby on a loan and made heavy use of him when he took over at Stamford Bridge, which had a “big impact” on his growth.

Frank Lampard and Mason Mount

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The 22-year-old is still in contact with a former blues boss who maintained a relationship of trust with him “even in difficult times”, as he questioned his role in clubs and countries. I will.

“Whether it’s good or bad, I don’t really try to find out what’s going on,” he said. “I feel like I’m not going to improve you on the pitch.

“I want to focus on the people who mean so much on the pitch and helped me grow as a player.

“It’s always what I’ve been trying to do, and obviously I’m very confident in my abilities and what I can do. Yes, that’s the most important thing for me.”

Declan Rice was among those who stick publicly for Mount.

The pair grew up together and are best friends, but West Ham’s midfielder is testing the patience of his St. George’s Park neighbor.

Declan Rice and Mason Mount

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“He’s next to me and every time I wake up-I wake up earlier than I-and he knocks on my door and wakes me up and tries to go to breakfast every morning,” Mount said.

“I’m not right next to him, so I might need to move some doors down!

“Being with my best friend and having this experience with him and obviously all the other boys means a lot and is very special to us and we have a long history. I remember for a while. “

The euro will continue to be a “roller coaster” for weeks, and Mount believes it will continue until July 11, and England will compete for glory in Wembley.

“Obviously we know history, so we’ve never won the euro, so for us we’re a very coveted team to do that,” he added. ..

“We want to make a history that no one has ever done. With this group, with this young group, we can definitely do it, what to us I know what I can do.

“We know the level of the players in this group, how much we are together, and how hungry we are to make history, so we need to play on the pitch right now.”

Mason Mount: English star clashes enjoying another fight with Croatia’s Luka Modric

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