Masie Smith shares concerns about a 15-year-old dog after destroying a block of chocolate

Mage Smith shared concerns about the dog’s health after revealing that the 15-year-old dog ate whole chocolate.

A former EastEnders actress who starred in the final episode of this week’s BBC One Thorpe filmed Tik Tok in her sweet dog video.


Maisie joked about the dog after eating a packet of chocolateCredit: TIKTOK
The star posted a video of her older pet on TikTok


The star posted a video of her older pet on TikTokCredit: TIKTOK

Maisie, 20 years old On Friday night, I took a picture of myself and my dog ​​while relaxing at home. It shows that the puppy is sleeping soundly in the chair in the actress’s bedroom.

She videotaped her face as she became more and more worried that the puppy would appear immobile when he was sleeping when she was sitting on the floor next to him. ..

“When a 15-year-old puppy looks a little too relaxed,” she captioned the clip, adding “especially when she eats the entire 12 packs of Green & Blacks.”

Fans quickly flooded with comments and joked that they were also worried about older dogs, as they sent a message of hope that she was okay.

“Not green and black!” One believer wrote as a second chime:

Maisie’s video came shortly after she left EastEnders for the second time in an emotional scene, but it was revealed. She will probably “come back” someday..

Revealed in October 20-year-old right Leave the BBC show 13 years later as the iconic character Tiffany Butcher.

Viewers were weeping when Tiffany finally left Albert Square in an emotional scene.

However, Maisie confirmed that the character kept the door open to return.

Presenter Lauren Laverne, who starred in one show on Tuesday, asked her if her character would be back in the future.

The actress replied, “Always! Never leave EastEnders. That’s true. They always find a way to bring you back and I’ll definitely come back.”

Redhead opened up about her last scene and said she was left with a bubbling mess with her co-star.

She said: “I’m a pretty crying baby, especially Shona, anyway. [McGarty] – She really pulls it out of me and all of our last scenes, we just sobbed.

“Even in a happy scene, I cried because it was weird because I had said goodbye before. I remember clearly and it feels like time has passed!”

She continued. “It’s sad to say goodbye again because you’re a wonderful family to build.

“It was sad to leave everyone because you only meet the same people every day, work with them and make very nice friendships with them.

“Even in a happy scene, I said goodbye before, I remember clearly, and I felt like the time had passed, so it was weird, so I cried!”

Her latest story saw her split from her husband Keegan and start a new relationship with the far-right thug Aaron while preparing for a divorce.

She wrote an emotional love letter to her childhood lover and asked her to run up if he really wanted to keep her behind him.

She knew little about Brother Liam throwing away the letter and putting a signed divorce notice and Keegan necklace in the envelope instead.

When Keegan returned to the square, Tiffany was seen coming down to the station as the Christmas choir sang Carol in the background.

Fans overcame emotions in the final scene-and took them to social media to admit that they were left “sobbing” at Maisie’s departure.

“I didn’t catch up with the EastEnders with the sobbing takeout when Tiff left,” wrote one fan.

“I’m sobbing, shivering, and crying,” the third chime, as the fourth agreed.

“I haven’t seen EastEnders for more than 10 years, so I decided to see it today. I can’t stop crying now,” concludes the fifth person.

Maisie said goodbye to EastEnders earlier this week


Maisie said goodbye to EastEnders earlier this weekCredit: INSTAGRAM
EastEnders Maisie Smith leaves Albert Square in the final emotional scene

Masie Smith shares concerns about a 15-year-old dog after destroying a block of chocolate

Source link Masie Smith shares concerns about a 15-year-old dog after destroying a block of chocolate

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