Martine McCutcheon talks in an honest post about the recent health “struggle” and fear of career

Martine McCutcheon After admitting that she was in a “recently difficult time”, she wrote a frank post about her mental health.

Taken to Instagram on Tuesday night, January 25th, Love Actually’s star, The person who talked about her relapse of Lyme disease last yearIn her honest post, she revealed her fears of her career.

The 45-year-old woman shared her snaps every other day and started as follows: , Love, and walk their way through this, commonly referred to as life-I salute you.

“I’ve always been pretty open about my health issues-both mentally and physically, but I have a lot more-so that’s what I touched on rather than focused on.”

Martine McCutcheon posted a frank post about her mental health

Martine reveals her fears in her “honest” post

The star explained: “I didn’t really need the victim’s label because I feel the opposite. I think I’m a pretty brave person. I’m an optimist. Among the people.

“But I’ve had a hard time lately. It’s not as tough as I always think.”

Martin said she was always “sensitive” and “pleasing intuitive people” and was “curled up in the ball” when it was considered “difficult” to ask valid questions as a young woman in the industry. I remembered that.

“But for most of my life, I always try and bounce … and there are times when you just can’t. It’s just difficult. Recently, it was a little hard for me,” she said.

Martine added: “But the truth is that we are far more than the definitions of other people.

Martin recently said it’s difficult for her to “bounce” off certain things.

“The nice thing about getting older (but better) is that it doesn’t matter if few people like this part of me. I care about mental health and those who are struggling. ..

“I think it can be difficult, but don’t lose hope for a long time. Instagram alone has found wonderful people who are very smart, kind and caring.

“My point in this post is that you are not alone. Talking about this helped me a lot. Do what you need for you. Many of you are very brave. I think. All my love. MM # mental health “She concludes.

Martine has encountered a wave of support from social media followers.

Martine advised fans to “do not lose hope for a long time”

Some say, “This post is very open, makes others feel okay and loves you more. I hope others understand you like you. increase.”

Another wrote:

Third addition: “It’s not easy at all, keep fighting.”

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Martine McCutcheon talks in an honest post about the recent health "struggle" and fear of career

Source link Martine McCutcheon talks in an honest post about the recent health "struggle" and fear of career

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