MarTech ContentCal raises Series A to launch in the US

Alex Packham, ContentCal

Marketing technology platform ContentCal Investing in Series A from Fuel Ventures and Guinness Asset Management has secured £ 4.5m.

This investment will be used to drive the growth of content marketing and intelligence platforms. Development of a unique content intelligence platform. We will open a new headquarters in the United States and expand our headquarters in the United Kingdom.

Content Cal Our mission is to become the leading content marketing suite for small businesses around the world. This is first achieved by democratizing access to good marketing software by providing high-end features that typically only large companies can provide to smaller organizations. Second, build the human products that users love and provide the off-the-shelf buying experience commonly found in consumer businesses.

Today, it has more than 2,000 customers worldwide and is growing 400% quarterly from 2020 to 2021.

ContentCal will use this investment to hire more than 40 people to join the team next year, doubling its current workforce. We also plan to open a new headquarters in Austin, Texas to expand our business in the United Kingdom. The company expects revenue to triple in the next 12 months.

The company is also developing a new product, ContentCalIQ, a unique content intelligence platform that enables marketers to create smarter, better content faster.

“We are pleased to secure additional funding from Fuel Ventures and new funding from Guinness Asset Management and work with them in the next phase of our journey,” commented Alex Packham, founder and CEO of. ContentCal..

“In the last 12 months, we have seen unprecedented demand for content marketing collaboration platforms. This investment allows businesses to grow their teams, invest more in product innovation, and become the leading content marketing suite for the world’s small and medium-sized businesses. It will be a great place to fulfill our mission of becoming. “

Shane Galleway, Head of Investment at Guinness Asset Management, said: ContentCal IQ. “

Mark Pearson, founder of Fuel Ventures, commented: Year We are also pleased to be able to support our business again with Series A. Content marketing continues to be a major driver of corporate growth around the world. ContentCal With this investment, we are in a strong position to become a major player in the market. “

ContentCal finds a gap in the market through software and automation to significantly improve the process of creating and publishing social media content for companies that didn’t have in-house expertise or couldn’t afford to buy 2014 It was launched in the year.

ContentCal’s products enable companies to centralize and automate content ideas, creation, publishing, and reporting across social channels, blogs, internal communications, and advertising platforms, while integrating with 1,500 other business applications to date. You can balance the requirement to publish more content than this. You need to create quality content.

MarTech ContentCal raises Series A to launch in the US

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