Married At First Sight’s Megan Wolfe shares a snap with his new boyfriend after meeting at the gym

Marriage at first sight Megan Wolfe shared a snap and information about her new boyfriend and posted it on an Instagram story.

The first photo she posted showed that she and her new lover enjoyed kissing and hugging while going out for a winter walk.

She was impressed with her warm, patterned winter jumper dress in a dark blue coat. She completed the look with a chic pair of white boots on her knees, giving her cozy look a little retro feel.

She followed the snap in a series of “Ask Me Anything” videos. One person answered the question, “Are you in a new relationship and does he make you happy?” And Megan said, “Yes. Super Duper Happy. Appropriate pain like my a ** e. ”

She combined that statement with a selfie of her and her new boyfriend who looked relaxed and happy.

Megan Wolff reveals that she met her new boyfriend at the gym

A 26-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent, she revealed that she had met a man at the gym and joked that he thought the relationship was going well because he wasn’t from Stoke.

She then revealed that her partner was “angry” at the seafood, so the pair was eating out together and spending time splattering on a luxurious seafood meal.

When she starred in the E4 hit show Married at First Sight, an aspiring actress, wellness coach, and Instagram star became famous.

Megan Wolff shares a snap of her new boyfriend.
Megan Wolff shared a number of snaps with her new guy

However, Megan was fortunate enough not to fall in love at the show and quit dramatically after she was disloyal to her paired partner, Bob Boisey.

After not feeling sparks with him, she secretly I shared a kiss With another cast member, Jordon Mundell, a personal trainer who “married” to model Alexis Conormou.

The kiss caused controversy between both the viewer and the other cast members, many expressed anger, that Bob was the “entrance mat” and Megan did not provide him sufficient apology. I suggested.

Megan has since spoken on this issue, Tell Closer Magazine: “I had only one drunken kiss. I regret the situation. First, Jordan and I didn’t work together anyway. Second, it caused Alexis and Bob. Because of the pain. I apologize to Alexis for a lot, but it didn’t show up. “

Megan Wolff and Bob Boysy reunited when attending a Box Star Celebrity Boxing event
Megan Wolfe and Bob Voysey continue to be close friends after MAFS

But despite the drama, Megan and Bob managed to remain close friends and openly talked about how important they were to their ongoing friendship. The pair remains in normal contact.

Bob Exclusively OK!: “Yes, we experienced all that experience together at the end of the day, and that was something, you know, no one can rob us of it.

Megan went to the show first because he didn’t have a boyfriend and wanted to find true love. She described herself as a desperate romantic and vowed that her disappointment on the television show would not stop her quest for love.

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Married At First Sight's Megan Wolfe shares a snap with his new boyfriend after meeting at the gym

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