Marnie Simpson was convinced that “she understands the sex of the unborn baby.”

Marnie Simpson Right now 17 weeks on her second pregnancy After welcoming Casey Johnson and her first child Rocks two years ago.

This Week’s Pregnancy Column- understood! VIP-Marnie, 29, reveals that she has already experienced a “kick” from an unborn baby.

However, Star says she is much more worried than usual, while the health care of pregnant women is very limited.

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Marnie Simpson opens in her new pregnancy column about the two terrible Rocks and why she jumps off this Christmas and New Year.

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This week was a very good week. I installed a new window in my house. To be honest, it’s been a construction site for a long time, but we manage it.

Completing our window is another thing to check the list. At one point, there were no windows at all. I am grateful that I have finally made remarkable progress.

Kick around

Marnie is now 17 weeks pregnant with her second pregnancy and is experiencing a kick from her baby.

This week is 17 weeks. I’m still a little nauseous and now I’m starting to hit a little. It may sound crazy, but you may feel your baby kicking.

I was really confused because I thought, “That’s not right, I’m still very early.” But when I googled it, they said the kick could happen much earlier in your second pregnancy, so maybe I’m right? It’s angry to think that the baby is already kicking around.

Two terrible warnings

We are very excited about the baby now. I also booked a Christmas and New Year vacation to Abu Dhabi. We’ve never been on vacation around Christmas, but I think it’s really great to work with Rox before the baby arrives.

We’re a little nervous about traveling with a 2-year-old kid, and Rox is now undoubtedly his terrible 2-year-old.

Marnie says she’s worried about their holidays because Rocks now always refuses to walk anywhere

I don’t know what will happen. He refuses to walk everywhere, refuses to enter the buggy, and everyone refuses to pull him away from me.

I couldn’t carry it around for hours, so I actually bought a sling. So I hope everything goes well and we have a great time together.

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Perfect break

Our house is messed up so it doesn’t feel like a normal Christmas this year so I think we decided to leave this year. I don’t feel like Christmas at all.

Now is the best time for us to escape. I always wanted to leave at this time. Rox is also 2 years old, so he hasn’t reached Christmas yet, but by the time he turns 3, he will have Christmas.

Marnie said she and Casey were very excited to have a new baby, and she already thinks she will give birth to a boy.

Scary thoughts

I’ve been feeling that health care is a lot of work lately, so I’m really struggling. I didn’t make my first appointment until eight weeks, but that’s a long way off.

We did a 12 week scan and thanks to Covid, this pregnancy test is much less. I’m afraid that I won’t see a doctor this time.

Obviously I’m suffering from health problems and I’m really worried about the idea that it’s very difficult to access health care right now, so I feel really terrible anxiety around it.

Marnie Simpson says she feels anxious during pregnancy after having health problems in the past

In a safe hand

My next appointment is with a consultant to discuss what to do for childbirth and what is the best option for me. You excited.

This time it was led by a consultant, which is completely different from the last time it was led by a midwife. I feel safer hands, and I look forward to seeing what this pregnancy holds.

Marnie reveals that Casey thinks she will have her first daughter in the new year

Boy or girl?

I’m constantly in pain now and I feel really debilitated. I keep telling Casey, “When I feel this way now, how are you going to reach the end of this pregnancy?”

Everything hurts and I can’t sleep very well either. It didn’t happen to me very late when I was expecting Rox.

I feel like this baby has already given me a lot of hell! It’s completely different from my first one. I am very excited to know my gender. You’ll know right away. I’m sure I’m still a boy, but Casey thinks we have a girl.

Marnie Simpson was convinced that "she understands the sex of the unborn baby."

Source link Marnie Simpson was convinced that "she understands the sex of the unborn baby."

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