Marnie Simpson allegedly faints with a new photo after canceling her wedding

Marnie Simpson Her fiancé, Casey Johnson, was found wearing elaborate clothing while filming the contact lens brand Defy’s.

They dressed in Halloween to show off their creepy lenses, and the pair looked super attractive.

Marnie wore wings and a corset with an angelic look, while Casey dressed as a soccer player and wore black.

A couple of Georges OGs, parents of their 21-month-old son Rocks, made a big news this summer with reports that they canceled their wedding due to ongoing Covid restrictions.

“Marnie planned a wedding in August of this year and sent an invitation,” said the insider. all right!

Marnie Simpson is shooting for contact lens brand Defy’s

“She has already booked the venue and started organizing wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cakes and flowers, but she decided to postpone it until next year because Covid’s restrictions weren’t in time.

“Currently, I feel that I can’t enjoy it because there are restrictions such as only the bride and groom can dance.

Marnie and Casey are parents of son Rocks

“And you’ll be worried that her friends and family may not be able to get their hair down and enjoy the day.

“She doesn’t think she can move it forward, but the rules are constantly changing, so it’s the day before her wedding, and the country could head for another blockade.”

Marnie, who records her wedding trip at Geordie OG, said: all right! She planned an outdoor wedding in April and shared some of the important details, including Jordy Shore’s co-star bridesmaid.

They canceled the wedding that was scheduled to take place this year

“Yes, we have 60 guests. More than I expected. It started at 30 and has just been added up.

“But it would be fun because I’m really close to everyone who goes.”

Marnie and Casey met during the shooting of the 2017 MTV Show Single AF.

Cute couple got engaged last year

Casey asked a question during a romantic proposal last August.

“And just like that, I’m now fiancée and married to my dream man. Why did you get such a lucky @caseycodyj,” she told Instagram followers. rice field.

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Marnie Simpson allegedly faints with a new photo after canceling her wedding

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