Marketplace “super seller” Boulevard secures £ 2.2m


Marketplace “super seller” and tech startup Boulevard has completed a £ 2.2m seed investment from Fuel Ventures.

As the desire to buy and sell through the market explodes, Boulevard’s software becomes a bridge between independent sellers and manufacturers, and the world’s largest markets, from pricing strategies to supply chain processing and massive fulfillment. Become.

Boulevard currently sells more than 150,000 products to consumers through multiple online channels across nine product categories, generating retail prices for more than 15,000 product lines every 10 minutes, and Amazon’s top third. It is one of the party sellers.

The company is currently tracking £ 6 million in revenue annually and expects to reach a revenue milestone of £ 100m in five years.

With the rise of online commerce last year, marketplaces such as Amazon and OnBuy have increased the number of sellers and increased their revenue by 50%.

The competition for products is staggering, with 8 million daily price fluctuations in a single market, and manufacturers’ products can struggle to survive themselves.

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As a marketplace “super seller,” Boulevard states that its uniqueness derives from its ability to do all the hassle for the brands it wants to exist in these global marketplaces.

“We were born as a single-category e-commerce business that quickly expanded with the power of our unique technology, Eiger,” said founder and MD Dominic Portman.

“The lessons learned about how to sell online as an e-commerce business have opened up our expertise and skills to help others do the same.

“Our technology, Eiger, ensures excellent operation in all aspects of online sales and order fulfillment. We use advanced algorithms to test product popularity, monitor inventory levels and compete. Dynamically fulfill orders within a powerful time frame.

“We are currently planning to evolve the Eiger platform to enter new markets and become a superseller of the world’s leading online marketplaces.”

Marketplace “super seller” Boulevard secures £ 2.2m

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